Toyota starlet ep82 2e-e to 4efe


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Hi guys ,

I bought a 4efe engine for sawp into a ep82 starlet which has now a 2e-e engine.
I want to know if someone has do this swap and what extra parts I need for the swap.
I am wondering if I can change the ecu so I need if someone has the ecu pin out diagram from a 2e-e ecu.

Thanks a lot


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A few topics on this on ukstarletowners.



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My starlet with the 2e-e engine isn't carb
It is efi injection.thats why i am asking what parts are needed to do the swap.

I have bought a 4efe engine with full exchaust,4efe ecu and 4efe map sensor .

Can I put the 4efe ecu on the car when I do the swap or I need to change the whole wiring loom?
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Fairly sure the pin outs are different between 2E-E and 4EFE which could mess things up wiring wise. The good news is that there are 4EFE EP8# so if you pick the right looms it'll be largely plug and play.

Let me hunt out a 4EFE ECU first.

I swapped a 2E-E out for 4EFTE back in the day and it was basically just a shell swap.