What do you need to make 200hp on a 4efte.


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Hello everyone. I recently got a starlet (glanza swap) with a 4efte, and I was looking into what do I need to make safely 200hp out of it and will try to do so with the least amount of money. Im not talking free, but would prefer to not open the block and change rod and genreally internals. Can the ct9 do it or maybe get a ct20 or tdo4 (whats the performance difference in those two?). Probably I will have to get more fuel and a parallel ecu so it can be tuned, and I will get a wideband to be safer?! I dont know a lot about cars so I hope you laugh when I say stupid things. Thank you.


Most reliable path is TD04 turbo and 1 bar of boost. That'll get you there a lot easier than stressing a ct9 out.

Obvious supporting mods are required, cool the intake temps with a FMIC, fueling will need increased and the fuel cut limit on the stock ECU will need addressed.