Wheels4Kris Memorial Show


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Mr Nagngle has been organising a stand for this. At the moment there are more non-EP's going than EP's. So I'd thought I'd post on here to drum up a bit more interest.

Current attendance:

1. Phil - Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Ti
2. Beth - Toyota Starlet Ep91 SR
3. Joel - Toyota Trueno AE111
4. Foggy - Toyota Corolla Compressor
5. marc-Toyota starlet glanza v
6. Eamonn - EP91 Glanza
7. Ian - Toyota Starlet Glanza V
8. SA15CR - Toyota Glanza V
9. Chris - Lexus IS200
10. Pandamonium (Mark) - Alfa Romeo Brera

More details here: CLICK

PS: Jay, have you still got the TGTT banner?


I'm working in starlet heaven that Sunday (also gigging the night before too) so I doubt I'll make it unfortunately. Given the peeps going I'd love to attend but I'll have to see the workload first.

If you want the banner just call in and lift it though - would be the first time it's been used on NI soil lol.


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Think I'm working Sunday but hopefully il be able to sort something to get up at some stage. Lack of ep82's on that list