Wiring diagram for HKS AFR,FCD and SLD for EP82 Starlet Turbo.


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Hi Jay,
Would you have a diagram for the wiring of a HKS AFR, FCD and SLD for a EP82 Starlet ? My car was stalling on me and before I got to the cause of my trouble ( fuel pump relay) these were removed.My car just failed the emissions on the NCT test it was perfect last year less than 1,000 kilometres has gone on the car since then and 108,000 km on it at the moment.The re test is scheduled for the 13th of March so I need to check if my wires are going to the correct locations.Cheers for your help , thanks,Eoin.
I should have mentioned the HKS items were put back in but since there are yellow and white wires coming of the 3 of these they could have been mixed up.I need to know if the wires are going to where they should be, cheers.
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