EP85/CCM spec engine/VF35/EMU

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Chris@CCM, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. spuddy

    spuddy Ulster Area Rep.

    I know if it was me mapping I wouldn't put up the map or would I be happy if someone posted a map I had done.

    As has been said, if its so usless in another car, why would you want to see it or how could it be of any help?
  2. Ted

    Ted Paid Member

    think it would be pretty useless to you, every map will be car specific as im sure you know, no point taking someones map just because you dont have access to proper tuning- it wont work properly on another car.

    im all for helping and telling people what we are doing but chris charges for his work and its pretty specialised-why would he give it away?
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  3. GT-TD04

    GT-TD04 Supermoderator

    Sure why not as TM devolpments where his suppliers are,or the blueprints of one of the WEPR kits?

    It just doesnt happen when it involves a buissness,especially during the current climate.
  4. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    sorry dude im not happy to post it up but if u want any hints or tips for maping pm me dude il be happy to help .
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  5. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    chinesemafia...i'm from the caribbean just like u (barbados)..and here too we have no functional dyno (most of the tiem its down it seems)...tuners here dont give out thier maps either for a number of reasons---costs, tuning secrets, etc....this seems to be common the world over

    most of the time u get a map, it would have to be from the owner of the car more than likely,, and not directly from a tuner

    some tuners may also feel they have a right to keep each client's info under wraps too---privacy

    if u have a question...u can drop chris a line...he will help where he can--he's a top man....as well as many other emu/tuner guys on here too:rockon:

    so dont worry about it too much..its just one of those things that happens...the tuners mean no harm by it, but business is business:cool::cool:

    hope u understand boss
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  6. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    great result lads!
    cant wait to see her boogy this year ray!
  7. chinesemafia

    chinesemafia Registered User +

    its kools guys i fully understand your points
    its no big deal :)
  8. bongskag

    bongskag Registered User +

    I'd just like to say I really like that graph! looks great with no sudden spikes in power , very smooth and more at the top end.

    I noticed the dyno sheet says 6.0c air temp. is there a noticable difference on a hot day ?
  9. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Its not running that spec now but it didnt seem to lose power for any reason. The dyno it was run on is contained in a room, so with the fan running the air temp drops in the room, much like it feels coolder when you stick your hand out the window at 70 mph.
  10. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    Hey weeJohn, have you the new setup up and running yet? Really interested to hear feedback of the VF29 turbo like spool times, power delivery and how it works in contrast to the VF35 you were using, thanks. :)
  11. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    I never ran a 35, Ted is the man to speak to about that.
  12. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    Oh crabs! Ofcourse, it's Ted :) i keep mixing the AWD guys up.
  13. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just like all great comedy acts there's a Lyttle and a large, for example:







    I personally keep mixing them up too. I think John's the one with power windows and central locking but I could be wrong.. (lolz)
  14. Ted

    Ted Paid Member

    wrong! and he could do with the keep fit windows anyway...salad dodger
  15. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Its easy, I am the handsome one.
  16. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    holy thread revival batman. Was just looking to get some figures on the vf's wonder what my vf34 is making with more boost sorry I didnt get a chance to dyno it before I left. Forgot about this one top job Chris lol. The vf34 comes in gradually no real kick but full boost at 4600 bit of a lazy one the td05's come on way more aggressive and would suffer from more wheelspin not alot more though.

    edit just read what Ted said on the second page pretty much the same thing lol.
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  17. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    ^ Yup, totally agree with Ted's and your description about the power delivery of the ihi turbo, there's no real big kick as such, but when you look at the speedo, it chuffin' moves quick. I guess this is a good thing for traction and seems to make better progress on the road because of the characteristics of these turbos. The power delivery feels like a Very big, powerful N/A engine, very gradual like you describe, the torque is spread out very wide in the rev range. I think this is primarily the result of the design of the compressor wheels in these turbochargers.
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