Glanza model is all shit talk and no difference

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by TheStarletGT, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I hear many times people saying how powerfull a toyota glanza model is. I see a few times were people buy and fit glanza front cuts/ engines in their ep82 etc. There is nothing improved in the glanza model in the power department.\

    The glanza is just a toyota starlet life body with a full ep82 4efte engine conversion. its not like there is a major power improvement. The thing is, the ep82 starlet gt has a ct9 turbo, its not like the glanza has a ct50 style turbo to denote a bigger power plant.

    Glanza model starlets are the biggest hyped crap ever. its just a ugly starlet life car, big flop. And people try sell these model cars for triple of what it should normally be sold for.

    Sure the starlet life is more areodynamic/round, but it aint anything better power wise than a starlet gt. I should buy a starlet life for $200 bucks from the wrecker, fit a ep82 starlet gt engine and brand it as a glanza and sell for $8000, like some nut jobs do.
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    Looks like we found our topic of the day then lol..
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    Both have the 4efte engines and thats what counts.
    As far as styling is concerned,each to their own,dude.
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    X2. What planet is he from? Lol

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    What was the point in that whole rant, do you actually think that they are shit or are you just pissed off that you listen have to listen to idiots talk bullshit about them or is it they are so expensive. Im confused because if you like the GT's and think they are good then its kind of hard to justify saying the Glanza is crap since apart from the looks the two cars are almost identical. If you listen to idiots tell you bullshit about them then I feel sorry for you because I hate listening to idiots too. If its because they are so expensive, that doesn't really make them crap though, now does it.
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    if your looking for something with a bit of poke and power behind it my i suggest heading down to your local gigolo ring im sure thats what your after for that sort of money
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    what a gimp
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    oh your an idiot....

    do us all a favour and keep your boring and narrow minded views to yourself.


    as for everyone else, have a nice snow day
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    your a fool.
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    What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a fucking retard?

    Shut the hell up
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    omg what a fuckin knob head.
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    this has to be a wind up , all his posts are just so fucking stupid im sure he comes on here just to cause hassle

    ban ftw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    complete knob!!!
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    I dont even know why this guy is on here.

    His posts are always negative and pointless.

    Ban = Win!
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    I actually couldn't make out your point. The GT's and Glanza V's both share the exact same engine, put out the same power and torque, the only difference is the Glanza's carry a little more weight and looks different (some would say more modern) styling wise. It would seem you either don't know what your talking about (maybe through no fault of your own, you might have been misinformed) or you are just a cock.
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    Neg rep ftw!

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