Glanza model is all shit talk and no difference

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by TheStarletGT, Dec 1, 2010.

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    haha i think hes just a cock.....
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    what a cock
    neg rep
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    i hate you ...... that is all :)
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    ah brilliant thread :haha: yeh all his posts are negative, why do these retards bother joining forums at all
  7. JasonG

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    its stupid so it is..he sum goon...hes not only annoying people hes bringin them down by dissin glanzas..and if you dnt like glanzas then your own opinion but no need to do a full a thread on it!!!!
  8. sx_turbo

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    there are a few differences between the glanza 4efte and ep82 4efte, most of the changes were chosen to produce better reliabilty and better running, and cheaper to make. the changes are mainly internal, and with the ecu.

    the ct9 is also slightly better than the stock ct9.

    the glanza carries a bit more bulk than the gt, yes but is no slower, this is due to the changes that have been made between the 2.

    i#m 99% certain people dont put the glanza engine in because they think it produces more power, i'm sure it's because it was easier to get hold of, or was just what was available at the time.

    toyota didnt want the glanza to have more power they wanted it to have better driveability, and imo they done exactly that, the gt is much more raw and more of a drivers car, the glanza is more subtle i may be as bold as to say slightly more boring, but toyota done what the market wanted them to do.

    obviously once you start tuning them all of the above goes out the window, and imo the only thing better than about the glanzas is the aerodynamics, but even that improvement is probably nothing to shout about lol,

    people have the right to choose what they want to drive, i like all starlets but prefer the gt, most people on here are the same view (not necacerily with gt's but might like all starlets but prefer glanza's etc)

    i'm not exactly sure what you hoped to achieve by posting this thread, but would like to urge you to think before posting, there is a lot of people losing patience with you very quickly.
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    this blokes obviously a deluded moron. sx turbo is exactly right in what he's saying imo
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    A simple question to the moderators, are people like this really wanted on here? Nothing to add just posting crap...

    If this isnt worth a ban then i dont know what is.
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    Epic !!!!
  13. Sheldon

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    is this guy a fuckin retard?

    tbh i ALWAYS see GT engines with the silver timing belt cover for sale lol... the only front cuts of glanzas i see where used to convert a normal starlet into a glanza so they use the bumper bonnet etc.

    from you other threads you seem to like the cheap way of life.. lol

    Buying a GT with low comp on a piston (guess that was cheap)
    Changing piston and USING TRHE SAME OLD RINGS!! (wohoo cheap fix FTW!!) ps.. he got 160psi only AFTER putting in a new piston.. oh i guess thats cos of the old rings lol.
    and now complaining that glanzas are more expensive then GT's...

    fuck off mate.
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    off we go ;)

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