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Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by Harry1994gt, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Harry1994gt

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    Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself as I expect to be posting many questions in the coming weeks/months.

    today I bought my first Toyota starlet gt, its a 1994 quad light model. the car has been sitting not running for some time and when it was parked was running a big turbo and had rod knock or a blown bottom end but did run apparently.

    the turbo and manifold have since been removed but asides from that the car is complete.

    I plan to restore this car myself and keep it for a long time and use it in tarmac khanacross and track events.
    I will keep a diary of the build as i go,

    I am unsure at this point if I will rebuild the motor I have or buy a complete motor but i would like to rebuild it with forged parts, is anyone aware of beat place in australia to have this work done?

    the car is also auto and I am hoping to convert it to manual, if anyone has done this or has any knowledge on this they could share?

    heres a few pics of her, maybe anyone on here reconises it or has any info on it?? I am in Qld australia

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  2. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    welcome along Harry :) everything you need to know is on here, lovely looking colour that !
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    HYBRID GRANT Registered User +

    This is my long time bro from uk that now lives in oz , good fella , made me get the starlet buzz again soon I think it’s time to build another monster starlet like my old one nearly 10 years ago now . I wonder if any of the old school members will remember my tdo5 hybrid with NOS that I built back then for drag at Santa pod
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  4. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Welcome aboard Harry, looks like you have picked up a nice project. Colour is perfect for standing out from the herd, even in Oz! There's quite a few threads in the tech section that will help with your plans. The manual conversion needs a bit of cutting at the bulkhead but that's about as scary as it gets. Also there's a bit of wiring which I can't remember the details of.. but it's all on here somewhere!

    Also great to see Grant post - Monster indeed!
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  5. Jay

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  6. gorganl2000

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    welcome, i hope you get to enjoy your ep
    follow the links Jay provided...any other help you need just ask
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  7. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    The last orange GT I saw was a local one to me here in Derbyshire many years ago :)

    Get the old boy back on the road.

    Plenty of information and wise heads on here to help you out.
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  8. Harry1994gt

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  9. gorganl2000

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  10. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    Thanks everyone, she will live again and as a 1.5 turbo its looking like, have already sourced all the parts for the manual conversion,

    Here in australia the cost of rebuilding a 4efte engine is high as labour is high, after reading some guides i think i am going to get a running 5e motor and turbo it running low boost for the time being to get it running and usable. Anyone have any experience doing this?

    Meanwhile i will buy a 2nd 5e motor and have a go at builing my first forged motor, with the help of some friends, something ive always wanted to learn to do, then when its ready ill up the boost on the stock block 5e and watch it go bye bye and install my forged 5e turbo motor,,,, , whatever happens its going to be a steep learning curve and alot of fun,
  11. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    Thanks gorganl2000 for that info on the manual conversion,
  12. gorganl2000

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  13. Jay

    Jay Admin

    The 5E is a good option over the 4E, more torque really helps a GT get up to speed.

    Very possible to build one for about the same sort of money as a 4E so while you are at it you may as well!
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  14. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    Ive been busy pics attached,

    A list of what ive done in the last 6 or 7 weeks

    cleaned the whole car heaps, disinfectant and mold spray and stripped the moldy interior ,

    pulled engine and auto box, and scrubbed the engine bay

    installed parts for Manual conversion, shifter linkages, drilled firewall and installed clutch cylinder and manual clutch lines, installed pedals and some other bits it needed for the conversion,

    wiring fixed and rewired were nessesary,

    Pulled dash and repaired hokes and cracked and flocked in charcoal grey ,

    Installed new suede steering wheel,

    Overhauled brakes and painted silver

    cleaned clocks and installed led backlight,

    installed new seats and sliding rails,

    new battery,

    Then i painted both fenders toyota metallic black as one was badly damaged and creased which had to be replaced with one in not as bad condition, along with the tatty rear spoiler and front lights and grill, more to come

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  15. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    Some more pics

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  16. Calum122

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    Making good progress then!
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  17. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    And some more

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  18. Harry1994gt

    Harry1994gt Member

    for sure i havnt stopped but ive been really enjoying working on this car, the server wont let me add any more pictures for now
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  19. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Better off uploading them to places like Imgur and embedding them into the site.
  20. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    You can upload directly too buddy :)
    Are you going to un-wrap it then? I'm really liking that dash too, great looking job :cool:

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