New---WEPR 350whp "Godzilla" updated !!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. _GAZ_EP85_

    _GAZ_EP85_ Paid Member

    Nice to see your keeping it and going for this turbo set up Christian, should be an animal
  2. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    KrissyB with the Godzilla Ep :p
  3. AzE_B

    AzE_B Paid Member

    i cant wait to see this on a uk car guna be mad dude
  4. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    Ta fella nothing compared to a White Ep I know of though ;)
  5. Lidders

    Lidders Paid Member

    WOW! just read everything and must have had to gone back to pictures about 10 times writing this.... Anyone done a conversion yet with print outs and vids would be great!!! p.s something to think about in the future!
  6. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

  7. Lidders

    Lidders Paid Member

    when do you think it will be done krissy.... and pictures as to where you are at now? do you think it could be running in time for japfest?
  8. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    No chance matey for Jap fest.

    Engine out, waiting for all my parts hopefully be fully built in August.

    Just respraying my engine bay now
  9. Lidders

    Lidders Paid Member

    fair play, how much is the build going to cost all in roughly? post a few pictures up :D
  10. chicco

    chicco Registered User +

    wow.. lovely work
  11. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    just added some pics of the actual kit and all its components! thanks..

    wickedEP Racing
  12. y3Lo

    y3Lo Registered User +

    stunning new pics, pure porn!
  13. ashbash107

    ashbash107 Registered User +

    in about 3-4 weeks i will have a fully forged 5e block and want one of these kits, what sort of management would be needed or best for one of these kits do you think????
  14. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    if you have the money? hks f-con v pro gold, more than capable for this set up , but im sure Apexi power FC would handle it too, if you can find one. i dont know if the Greedy EMU would do it, but im some one will know.............................
  15. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    looks like i have competition
  16. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    i would have got that turbo kit only i purchased the hybrid tdo4 a week before the godzilla kit was out , but im happy with 300bhp ............................ for the moment :p
  17. AzE_B

    AzE_B Paid Member

    Yer with my old car
  18. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    any decent engine management would do..really depends on what fits your budget..most popular choices one this end of the pond would be greddy emu,haltech,autronic and motec.

    wickedEP Racing
  19. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    lol cool
  20. ollie1.3i

    ollie1.3i Fresh Recruit

    I think i will be buying one of these most definatly if it like the hadron collider lol wow i will be shitting myself lol

    BUT i will be gettin one my order is coming ur way.


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