New---WEPR 350whp "Godzilla" updated !!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. babu_rashu

    babu_rashu Paid Member

    Hi i am interested for ur godzilla project.

    Dear nice work done......
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  2. D3N0

    D3N0 Paid Member

    Currently £2000 with todays exchange rate, if its stays like this or hopefully a better rate by January, expect a PM. :)

    Bodywork may have to go on hold for a month or 2.
  3. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    surprise surprise thought you wasn't gonna copy me dude
  4. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    i wouldnt worry kris, it'll never get mapped :p
  5. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    LOL I'd hate to think what that poor engine will do when it hits 2bar after 8k miles :(
  6. starlet-barnsley

    starlet-barnsley Paid Member

    U wanna swop a 21yr old female. Comes with a bag of food n sucks c@ck lol
  7. D3N0

    D3N0 Paid Member

    Lmao, i wouldnt be copying anyone, or are you afraid i'll make more power than you. Sacha didnt produce such a fab kit just to please Krissy's ball bag hairs you know. Mapping will happen when im ready, Weakboy2 gonna have to be patience just like everyone else. Krissy you dont need 2 bar boost to run in piston rings dude, there ment to aid combustion seal not be apart of the actually combustion mixture, lol. 8k and going strong at 0.7 bar
  8. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    LOL all I can say is you got done by a Duratec
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  9. MattyR

    MattyR Paid Member

    Looks Wicked :)
  10. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    awesome kit dude check my the thread epic day for PP ;)
  11. D3N0

    D3N0 Paid Member

    Errr, think you must be talkin about one of your wee wet dreams mate. think its best u kept that to yourself, dont want everyone thinkin ur a night-drooler. ;)

  12. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    Yeh defo must have been Gaz was there too you got Owned ;) remember or care not too dude;)
  13. _GAZ_EP85_

    _GAZ_EP85_ Paid Member

    Yeah but krissy pulled hard away from a 182 Clio so comparing it to a little 1.5 starlet is not really fair:haha:
  14. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    All I remember was Gaz going past me and no one else :p
  15. D3N0

    D3N0 Paid Member

    i know what ur chating about now, out of the 6 cars i was the last inline and you were the first inline. i was just pottering at 0.3 bar and keeping up just fine, next time u bring the knife and folk, and ill serve you embaressment... zeen. ;)
  16. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    Ill manage the Knife but the Folk might be difficult I only have two seats PMSL. :haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha:.
  17. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    lol 0.3 bar!
  18. macrylinda1

    macrylinda1 Fresh Recruit

    excellent bit of kit their sacha..congrats and well done...

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  19. Brynsters_BlitzK24

    Brynsters_BlitzK24 Fresh Recruit

    alright guys im after the godzilla kit i would like to know how much it currently is and if i buy the kit it comes with everything i need.....i have intercooler and all that. i hope to see 350whp on my car not anything lower. ive had a forge 1.3 engine made up and im breaking it in. i have cruise cams hks fuel rail lightened and balanced crank and fly but no uprated springs : / as the cruise springs dont fit :/. Thanks
  20. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey mate..
    this kit is on special right now @$2900usd shipped. includes turbo/321 s/s equal manifold/downpipe/tial 38mm wastegate/screamer/oil lines/water fittings/universal turbo>fmic pipe (which can be easilly adapted to any universal style fmic). you're HP goal is acheivable with this kit if all supporting mods are in place..specially good head work. cheers..

    wickedEP Racing

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