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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Ryan_EP88 GT, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    alrite lads i need a bita help here, jus got my ep82 back from havin the turbo replacd with a very good standard ct9 bought from DancerEp82(thanks).

    i dont have an aftermarket boost gauge fitted at the minute (will be getting one soon)... so if i go by the stock one on the dash whenever i put the foot to the floor it reaches just below the first mark after 0, which i think is the lo boost maximum am i right?

    the actuator itself seems to be fine, the circlip also and it holds boost the whole way to 6.5k at this reading so i dont think it has gone weak or loose, but it just doesnt feel like full boost! :confused:

    thers definately no boost leaks i had it checked over but what could be the cause??

    any help appreciatd, thankks lads
  2. Danza V :D

    Danza V :D Registered User +

    I think on low boost it's around 0.3 high I think is 0.5 correct me if I'm wrong :/ have you compared it with the high off and the low on and visa versa mate?
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  3. AdamB

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    Would need a boost gauge to check for any problems. The stock gauge is shit and virtually means nothing.
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  4. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    Thanks for youre reply lads rep 2 use both... Danza i think its 0.45 low and 0.65 on high, i cant actuallly compare it becos i when i got the turbo fitted i asked him to set it up for full boost constantly.

    however it actually seems to be the other way around. is ther a vac-line arrangement which could hav set it for lo-boost and not high??

    Shud have 1 by nxt week to get a better look at it! im us using it as a rough estimate atm tho and its reading lo boost :/
  5. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    I believe what you are trying go say is the derestriction of boost in 1st and 2nd gears. Theres a how to floating around on how to do this, you could compare your vac lines with the tutorial to ensure yours is the same layout :)
  6. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    I will compare my vac-line with the tutorial as a means of checking my lines are correct Adam, but its not a derestriction of boost in 1st and 2nd gear i am seeking..

    even in 3rd,4th,5th when i put my foot to the floor (my turbo is supposed to be set for hi boost constant), the stock boost gauge goes to just below the first marking after 0. this would give a rough estimate of 0.35/4 bar ..which is lo boost.

    So i think i have a problem in that my car is plumed for lo boost instead of hi boost maybe??
    unless that gauge is very inaccurate (i know theyre shit as it is but this wud be way off if it was meant to read bout 0.65bar)

    Ive been searchin and checking for hours cant find anything specific to what im looking for though..
  7. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    I checked the vac lines on my car ther and it seems there is one running from the solenoid through the left-hand pipe and down to the front port of the actuator.

    should the front port of the actuator not be connected to the nipple on the turbo compressor housing to allow for hi boost??
    and if so, what do i then do wth the solenoid hose currently connected?

    reps 4 all help
  8. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Look for the tutorial on how to remove the low boost setting, do that and see if it works. The high boost function operates by bleeding some air off through the solenoid at the end of the fuel rail, if this solenoid is not opening it will only run low boost. Maybe the plug or the solenoid itself is the problem but removing it will tell you if it is.

    I found this link in the awesomely helpful section, this is the section where most awesomely helpful tips are posted mate lol.
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  9. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    Lol thanks John, i had a look over Jays link this morning aswell so can you confirm this for me then..

    i loop the two left pipes at the back to block off solenoid, at the front i vent the left one to air and then the hose runs from the middle pipe down to where? the front port of the actuator??

    i cant find an actual picture of where the hoses go after the solenoid pipes thats my problem mate!
  10. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Its been so long since I did anything with a CT9 I couldnt tell you mate, follow what Jay wrote there, he is usually very good with these things. As long as you dont have a FCD fitted, the ECU will detect any over boost and hit fuel cut so you dont damage the engine.
  11. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    the picture in this explains 99% of it mate, but i dont know where the vac line with the long red line on it is meant to finish up? im almost certain its the front port on the actuator but i thought this was meant to be looped to the compressor housing..

    have no FCD and only decat fitted so once i get it set up correctly ile know if im full boosting or not lol
  12. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    I can't quite remember myself but I only had the one port on my actuator which was connected to the turbo compressor. I think the other port on the actuator can be left to vent to atmosphere with the dump valve connected to the inlet manifold vac source. This way deletes the 2 mode boost control altogether and the solenoid and the rest of it can be removed.
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  13. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    I cant remember now to be honest mate, I know 1 of the actuator pipes connects via a hose up to the pipes that go to the solenoid, the other side of that solenoid I cant remember where it goes to now. Really its been about 6 years since I had a CT9 on my car so I am at a loss for giving you 100% good info. Drop Jay a PM, he might be able to give you his number so you can ask him, he knows more than anyone else I can recommend to you thats handy.
  14. Ryan_EP88 GT

    Ryan_EP88 GT Registered User +

    You are spot on buddy thats exactly what it is meant to be. Got it sorted there now thankfully and i knew i was missin boost! lol.. it feels lik a new lease of life! :p rep'd!

    No probs man cheers for the help and info anyway, appreciate it as always, rep 4 tht! Jay kindly allowed me to come down tonight and had a look and solved the problem! Felt like an extra surge of boost straight away as soon as i trid it! so thank you very much Jay aswell for your time, absolute gentleman!
  15. Danza V :D

    Danza V :D Registered User +

    Glad you got it sorted buddy! Get out there and BOOOOOST!
  16. Jay

    Jay Admin

    No problem mate, just remember to whip the solenoid out of there and cable tie the wiring up neatly. Oh and you've a headlamp bulb out too! :cool:
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  17. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    If you're simply venting out that second nipple, off the actuator, wouldn't that cause your turbo to overboost, due to no boost control, thus leading to boostcuts?...or it should work almost the same way as having a bleedvalve/MBC installed?...

    Just tryna wrap my head around the fact that, other turbos, like td04, gt28 have only 1 nipple...:):D
  18. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    I hope in the 7 years since this post came about he's fixed it :)
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