Uber-Sticky: What tyres do you use/recommend?

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by Monkfish, May 14, 2009.

  1. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    Be careful in a rain on them -) You will be surprised - lol!!!

    People - try Dunlop Sport Fast Response - it's not that expensive, but pretty good tyres for the buck! And they're awesome in rain/snow and in fact has won an Award in Dry Braking and Aquaplinning resistance as well as Rolling Resistance (so you will save some cash on petrol with them).
  2. thefalls

    thefalls Registered User +

    Well last night i had a very good opportunity to test the S-drives and i am very much impressed with their performance.
    The thing is that i was scared a bit to push the car in the bends or roundabouts as i found the rubber to be soft to my taste.

    I gunned the car in the bends and roundabouts to see the limit and 'glue' effect of the tyres.
    Inspite of being soft and comfortable to drive around,these tyres are nothing to be scared about when attempting aggressive driving.

    There is absolutely no squealing or ugly skidding in the bends,in fact they give good confidence.

    I would highly recommend these tyres as an alternative to the higher end performance tyres.

    So far i have been able to test them in dry conditions,wet conditions are still yet to come.
  3. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    which advans you used to have mate? semi slicks?
  4. 98_glanza

    98_glanza Paid Member

    pirelli p-zeros are great:)
  5. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    Surprised with my Dunlops - they're worn about 2-3mm left and really good grip in wet - even when heavy rain. SO much better than Brand new Toyo Proxes in wet.... and better in dry!
  6. thefalls

    thefalls Registered User +

    Sheldon,i used to have the yokohama advans neova ad07.
  7. carlmcqueen1987

    carlmcqueen1987 Registered User +

    what do you all think of maxxis ma-z1???
  8. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +


    Have a look here what other people think!
  9. glanzasteve

    glanzasteve Paid Member

    has anyone used the yokohama advan neova ado8? they had great reviews back on the s2000 forum but i know each tyre is very different on every car. they look a good price for 195/50/15
  10. sventz

    sventz Fresh Recruit

    what he said!some info on those please?

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