Uber-Sticky: What tyres do you use/recommend?

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by Monkfish, May 14, 2009.

  1. Monkfish

    Monkfish Paid Member

    Ok then Rabies and Mentalmen, tyre time.

    There are always questions about how best to improve the Starlets standard and somewhat lacklustre handling, with all manner of options and suggestions given. One thing that almost always seems to be overlooked is tyres. They're the only thing keeping you on the black stuff, so it stands to reason that you want good ones, yes? Thought so.

    So, which tyres are the best to go for? Well, that's what this thread is for. Post up what tyres you are using (or have previously used). Include sizes and prices as well as wheel sizes always vary and the price of a tyre can have quite a bearing on the choice. Hopefully we'll end up with a hotlist of the most popular tyres used by EP owners.

    Let's keep this civil too, no "You don't know what you're talking about, ChingChong drifting tyres of death are awesome!!111!!11eleventy111" posts please.

  2. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Yokohama Parada Spec II
    Awsome in the dry and just as good in the rain.

    Toyo T1R
    Didnt like these, but people swear by them.

    Uniroyal Rainsport
    Awsome in the dry and just as good in the wet.

    All sizes above being 195/50/15.
    Ive tested all the above on the road and the track, so my imput suits both.

  3. goldenvtr

    goldenvtr Paid Member

    rory whta did you prefere out the uniroyals and pradas?

    im probly going pradas next.

    i had continental premium contact -195 50 15 and i really liked those great grip even with 203bhp andcould manage 2.2 0-60ft which i stuggle to get 2.3 with the current tyres.
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  4. rb69

    rb69 Paid Member

    Yokohama S-Drive (195/45/15)
    The best 'performance' tyre i have bought so far, very very good grip in dry and wet BUT, I had them on my previous car, not the Starlet. Would recommend them though.

    Yokohama A Drive (195/50/15)
    Alright for the price (£80 for 2 + fitting) not bad in the dry but a bit shit in the wet. S-Drives are miles better.

    Kuhmo Ecsta SPT KU31 (195/50/15)
    Got two of these when I got my Sprint Hart's, they are on the rear at the moment, but will switch them to the front soon. Seem to hold really well in wet and dry, hard to tell seeing as it's front wheel drive though! Seem to have louder road noise than the Yokohama's
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  5. Monkfish

    Monkfish Paid Member

    Spot on, just the sort of info we're after. Rep added. :)
  6. rb69

    rb69 Paid Member

    Cheers matey! Will update it once I've stuck the Kumho's on the front.
  7. SupaStu

    SupaStu Paid Member

    Im using

    Pirelli P6000 185/60/14
    Good for daily driving and fairly sticky, also good for wet slippy/dirty country roads in NI.

    Get them for around £40 each.

    It might also be an idea to link some pics with the tyres?
  8. GTdan

    GTdan In The Closet

    ive got toyo t1rs, alright in the dry, poor in the wet....going to get some eagle f1s as they are better in the wet than the toyos and just as good in the dry - thats from past expierence on other cars.
  9. durmz

    durmz Paid Member

    goodyear eagle F1's:

    had on my old fiesta zetec-s and swore by them, fiesta is a bit heavier than the starlet though and think this helped them alot. the car didnt have enough power to understeer them in the dry, and in the wet they were fucking amazing, never aqua planed once, i problem i sometimes get in the starlet. believe they were around 55 pounds each for fitting at the time, for 195/50/15.

    toyo T1 r's:

    had these on the starlet, and was a bit shady about them becuase hurd such good things about them, they squeeled like bitches in the bends, and dint hold alot of grip in the wet, wont be getting them again, that and the fact the lasted 6 months tops.
    195/50/15's were 45 quid a tyre fitted and balanced. not bad for the price i suppose.

    yokohama parada vspec II 's :

    got these because of all the hype ide heard of too, and theyre fairing pretty well, had them on for 3 months now, wear isnt too drastic, they stick pretty well in the dry, and cut through the water in the wet pretty good too, for the price ide defo recomend them on the starlet, because i think with such light cars u really need the softer compound tyres to get the grip, and these definatly give that. 195/50/15, cost me 106 pound for two fitted and balanced.
  10. Sparky

    Sparky Registered User +

    Toyo T1R's- pretty good on a hot dry day, poor in damp conditions and quite bad in standing water, wear was quite bad

    Yoko Prada II's- Great grip in the dry, dont find them that good in the wet though, seem to be wearing quite well

    The abopve 2 tyres are the cheapest of the decent tyres, I would stick with the Yoko's if I had to though, they look fantastic aswell ;)
  11. Animal GT

    Animal GT Guest

    toyo 888s serious tyre! i swer by them
  12. Monkfish

    Monkfish Paid Member

    They're essentially road legal slicks. How do you rate them on the road? What are they like when it is pissing it down with rain?
  13. Animal GT

    Animal GT Guest

    put it this way they are the only tyre ill buy again for my car, serious differance when i put them on the grip i was getting was unreal when they get warm...even in the wet yea they wer good enough like,but have big power in the wet is always a disaster...lol
  14. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    There as good as each other.
    But the Parada's have seen 3 track days, and numerous 1/4 mile drags, and im still above the limit :D

    Also you can get 4 Paradas for £125 delivered from fleabay :)

  15. thefalls

    thefalls Registered User +

    Bridgestones Adrenaline.
    Very good tyre in the dry and sticks to the road.....rarely squeals in bends.
    In wet conditions i trusted them to a certain extent
    Overall good tyres.Will def buy again.
    25,000kms and still some life [ read tread] left in them.
    Oh yeah,more road noise due to the harder shoulder that has been engineered.

    Yokohama Advans Neova,car is literally stuck to the tarmac.Very good grip in the dry.But worse than the adrenalines in wet weather.Wear is faster as well.
  16. Seanmcn

    Seanmcn Paid Member

    BFGoodridge Gforce Profiler.
    Great grip in the dry and wet for a road tyre. I feel that they have a long life for a grippy tyre.

    Toyo Proxies R888
    Excellent track tyre, but some say the side walls are too soft, so either camber the wheel to the last or run higher tyre pressure, so im told.
    They dont last very long if your driving hard.
    When I was at a track day in Mondello (on a very hot day) There was rubber stuck to the arches!! they are a very soft compund

  17. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    r888's come in different compounds... depands which ones you had?
  18. Rumel786

    Rumel786 Paid Member

    Bridgestone potneza (semi slick) 195-45-14 £96 off nengun per tyre

    Excellant tyres, would recommend by far to anyone to use these, in dry they grip awesome (better then r888's) However using toyo r888's for a week (195-55-15) i have sadly got to say in the wet the r888's grip slightly better

    Overall i would recommend these for track tyres and daily use in summer :)
  19. y3Lo

    y3Lo Registered User +

    got eagle f1's and couldnt praise them enough, great in the dry and wet, will definately be buying them again.
  20. Seanmcn

    Seanmcn Paid Member

    True that.

    I had the GG ones?? I think its the softest.

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