1. K

    Glanza v not boosting

    Hoping please someone can help me! I bought a glanza v, it won’t boost at all All pipes are perfect, changed the actuator.. still no boost at all Boost lights on the dash don’t light up at all, but if you press low boost it lights up Anyone have any ideas?
  2. bender

    ep91 starlet taillight differences

    I need to purchase new taillights for my 97 glanza V, and it seems very hard to come by the oem taillights (red and amber color only) although there is alot of reflet taillights on ebay, im just wondering if the screw holes are the same in the reflet tailliights as they are in the 97 spec glanza...
  3. TylerGlanza

    Ep82 Floor pan differences

    Im looking for some photos of the underside of an ep82 so i can compare with an ep91. Ive managed to pick up some floor pan plates which were listed for an ep82 but im hoping the ep91 is very similar if not the same. So if anyone has some post em up in here!
  4. A

    EP91 Fuel Tank Wanted

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for an EP91 (1996) fuel tank if anyone has one available or knows of anyone selling one? Judging by the recent posts it doesn't look like there are many of these on the go, but any assistance / suggestions from you gurus would certainly be appreciated!! Has anyone had...
  5. S

    Auto to manual I have 2 complete cars

    ilove how there is so much good information here but has any one done this I can see this a lot swap this swap that. Going well but a problem must pop up IM going glanza v to glanza v just 1s a sunroof auto and the others a v manual. I’m quite sure I got 99 percent of what I need here.
  6. J

    Wanted: ep91 Rollcage

    want to buy, glanza roll cage (round dash if possible), pm me details and price
  7. M

    Need front wings ep91

    Hi, I need glanza front wings, don't mind what colour or scratched as long as there's no rust or major dents that would be perfect. Need the type without indicator holes Cheers
  8. B

    Glanza V Heater Controls Wanted + Ep91 Bling Bits/Carbon

    If you have this item please drop me a message or reply back on here.. immediate paypal waiting. Plus if you have any trick bits for a ep91 let me know!!
  9. G

    Glanza V Engine into EP82 GT

    Hi All I have done a bit of searching in here and around the net and am finding some conflicting, not not so rock solid info. Was hoping to get some clarification. I have a manual ep82 GT that has a slipping clutch, blown head gasket, and a few KM's on the clock. There is a starlet...
  10. S

    WANTED - EP82/EP91 Gearbox

    I'm after a EP82/EP91 turbo gearbox in decent condition - the closer to Cambridgeshire the better. Need it mid next-week at the latest so I can get the car all ready for breaking into the 13s at Ultimate Street Car :) Post here or PM me with a location and a price. Cheers
  11. Arnold

    For sale: Glanza 98-99 front splitter - New

    For sale: EP Styling front splitter for Glanza 98-99 Item Condition: New & sealed Price and price conditions: £80 collected from Horsham, Dorking, or Japfest next month, or £100 posted. I paid £170! :eek: Extra Info: New and sealed EP styling front lip, for Glanza 98/99. I bought to...
  12. Arnold

    Glanza EP91OEM Passenger side headlight

    For sale: OEM passenger side headlight for Glanza EP91 Item Condition: Used. Slight discolouration to glass. Price and price conditions: £35 DELIVERED Extra Info: Does not include bulb holders or mounts. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me Location: Horsham, West Sussex or...
  13. K

    EP91 Dropping Boost

    Just bought myself a 1996 EP91, first boosted car and first toyota. Had a few hondas before hand. Its basically standard performance wise bar a genuine HKS BOV, and Ive done the first and second gear limiter bypass. However it seems to be dropping boost at high revs, 4000 ish and it'l be...
  14. L

    LeCid - Reunion Island

    LeCid - Reunion Island - EP91 n/a-T Hi everybody! I'm newest toyota fanboy from Reunion Island...looking for an ep9 actually... 4E-FTE project... I always had a Honda Civic 1989' (first car, from my dad) wich swaped from a 1300cc carbed engine to a 1600cc VTEC MPFi engine, and so I decided...
  15. I

    www.ep91.com domain for sale

    Hi All, I am the owner of www.ep91.com domain and want to put it up for sale. I do not want the domain to be owned by the registars that charge an extorsion to buy the domain again. Price - throw me an offer Options - i have a fully owned version of VBulletin suite with maintenance (not...
  16. J

    Wanted, glanza ep91 indicator light

    Hi, Basically, I'm after a glanza ep91 indicator light/lense. Please email me at : jake-hall1@hotmail.com Thanks
  17. J

    Ep91 Window seals

    My passenger window seal is perished as hell and has a 6 inch gap in it so I'm on the hunt for a new 1 and while I'm at it I'm after a drivers one as thats slightly split to Anyone got a set in good condition? Thanks in advance JAG x
  18. F

    << 98 99 Glanza WANTED ! ( Ireland ) >>

    Ri Lads im on de hunt for a glanza 98/99 Only Wud Loveeee A Black 1 but dnt mind nice spec of sum sort dnt mind once shes clean, few mods wud be nice rather summit wiv low enough miles, ( No Higher Dan 160Km ) show me wat yaah got least i can say is no ncted preferd cheers...
  19. A

    Teins S Lowering Springs

    For sale: Tein S Lowering Springs Item Condition: Used but in excellent condition Price and price conditions: £80 Delivered REDUCED Extra Info: Approximate lowering, Front - 57mm, Rear -50mm Pictures: http://i933.photobucket.com/albums/ad171/Amd1691/IMG_0188.jpg Contact Details...
  20. F

    Newbie from Offaly

    well being member on this the last while and never put up a newbie section Drive a 98 Glanza S here a few pics