Hello from Jamaica!


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Hey guys and gals

I currently have the pleasure of owning both a Starlet and Glanza V, and have been using some information on this forum over the past year to help me understand the intricacies of this gem of a platform.

My Starlet is a ‘91 automatic 4 door. It has a 5E engine swap and the electronic auto trans. Currently it’s naturally aspirated but my aim is to have it running a consistent 10psi from a ct9 that I have put aside. I also have a 4efte ECU (2 pin) and harness, so would love to know if I could just swap the harness and ECU for it to accept all the other stock turbo parts (ct9, tmic, grey injectors).

My Glanza V is a ‘96. Will be doing a standalone and big turbo setup on that for the end of the year, so will definitely continue posting updates when that build is started.

I would really like to have the Starlet running mechanically fine as soon as possible, because my wife and I had many great journeys in my Glanza and now that we have a baby, we’d love to have that experience again but with our baby and with a vehicle that she can enjoy driving as well.



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