EP91 Fuel Tank Wanted


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Hey Folks,

I'm looking for an EP91 (1996) fuel tank if anyone has one available or knows of anyone selling one?
Judging by the recent posts it doesn't look like there are many of these on the go, but any assistance / suggestions from you gurus would certainly be appreciated!!

Has anyone had any success repairing a cracked tank?
Just wondering what the odds of repairing the current one are, versus trying to find another new (haha) / second-hand one.

Thanks in advance!
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Ryan H on here managed to source a new one from Toyota in Ireland (the earlier oval type opening) so your first stop should be Toyota. You never know, might get lucky.


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Spoke to them couple weeks ago regarding the EP82 tank they don't sell them no more,
when they did the price was roughly £400+
Never knw EP91 may be worth a try.



How bad is the crack and where abouts is it bud, also the general condition what's it like ? Could be handier and cheaper getting it fixed if possible :)


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Thanks for taking the time to provide your responses guys - I really appreciate it!

I actually contacted my local Toyota dealership yesterday and they can get one from Japan, but the lead time is around 1-2 months and the price is approx £380.
Time isn't necessarily a big issue, but this certainly isn't a cheap option.
The big benefit going down this route though, is that I'll have peace of mind that it'll be new tank which will last a number of years going forward, and not a used/poor condition tank which might have limited life left and need replaced again in the near future.

I'm unsure how bad the crack is to be perfectly honest, but my mechanic didn't offer repair as a suggestions so I'm assuming it may be beyond that stage. All I know is the crack is half way down the tank so I can only fill my car half way at the moment without intoxicating myself before work every morning!! :eek:
If repairing is an option (to a certain degree) then I should run it past my mechanic again just to be sure, but I do feel repair is probably unlikely in this instance. I just wasn't sure how common repairing a fuel tank is, which is why I though I'd ask you guys.

I'll continue to keep an eye out here if anything crops up here, but certainly, if you hear of anyone selling / breaking (heaven forbid!) please point them in my direction!

Thanks again guys!


No worries that's what this place is for bud :)
Sounds like the seam is away, it's a common weak point on them, my original tank failed there too :)


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Cheers Skiny - Good to know - I expect that's why my mechanic wasn't offering repair as an option.
He's a good guy that I trust, so I don't think he'd be pushing me to get a replacement otherwise! :)

I'll hold my breath for something cropping up, but if not, I'll just need to commit to purchasing the new one soon.

Thanks again!