2015 Annual Sale starts 1st October !!!


Hi lads,

as most of you guys know we have our annual sale in the month of October. The sale will be starting 1st October to 31st October, 2015.

**all manifold/downpipe combos will be 25% OFF.

**all TD04 turbo kits will be 75gbp OFF

**all intake manifolds 60gbp OFF

**all Garrett turbo kits will be 130gbp OFF

Please read our Terms & Conditions before ordering...


This is the time of year that is busiest for our workshop guys. so we will need 4 weeks roughly to fulfill orders usually. the later you wait to place your order...the more production time we will need as the orders start to snowball in. production time can vary as the sale goes along. so if your in a rush for the parts, its probably not the best idea to purchase guys. also stainless steel manifolds will take longer to fabricate than mild steel counterparts. we will try out best to get parts out as soon as possible lads. just giving everyone a heads up.

if you guys have any questions, post it up in here !!!





Sale is on today lads....continues till the 31st October !!! hope you guys manage to get your orders in on time. :)


hey Smurf...
our site is a lost cause right now mate.

what in particular are you looking for? or for what turbo platform do you need bits for? if you can help me narrow it down...i can get back to you with pics/prices. or you can PM me too...


Done and dusted...another year gone by...another sale completed!! special thanks to everyone who participated and purchased products from us...thank you for choosing wepr !!