Boost-Hp capabilities of stock engine vs with forged ONLY conrods


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Hello! I was going through some other threads and read some said you could run max 1.2 bar on stock engine with a ct9 turbo. I was curious if they meant stock engines. Anyway. I wanted to know where are the safe zone with stock engines vs with forged conrods both with a tdo4 hybrid and a stock ct9 turbo. I was thinking of going with forged conrods and td04, hybrid probably, and aim for about 200 whp, 230hp, with a very safe tune. I think its realistic goal but what will the limit be with a td04 hybrid and forged conrods? Thank you in advance!


Would concur with that statement - I've seen more failed pistons than failed rods.

Would only run 1.2 bar on a stock engine if it was solid. Any weaknesses would be flagged up fairly quickly at that boost level.


yes...stock pistons/ringlands are the weak point. dont run more than 1bar on your ct9..its no point. you can make 230bhp(flywheel) on stock will need to upgrade fuel pump/fuel pressure regulator..add in piggy back and dont need too forge the motor for this kind of power. if exceeding will need too forge.