Boxes from Japan - Pics thread


You naughty naughty boy..

Just on this topic I see that Japan has ramped up the restrictions on shipping stuff out of the country. Won't ship to certain places and stopped SAL shipping (EMS is still rolling for the moment). Thankfully the agent is happy enough to hold any bits I've got sitting till it all starts moving again.


Hmm ... probably an interim measure to prevent any plastics or PPE leaving their shores, might be more specific restrictions soon.

What are the MR2 thingies?


On page 2? Two parts of a metal MR2 pencil case. Sold it on ebay a while back.

Rule of the thumb - If it's random enough I usually bid!


As random as your normal box off frogs bud :p
What's the diff and flywheel for
Nice magazine...................
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Cheers lads,

Haven't a clue where to use the diff and flywheel but I'll find something.

I now have a large surplus of brochures so if anyone knows anyone looking send them my way. Plenty of random model books available, not just Starlets.

Nice to find a few leaflets I don't have in the collection yet - hadn't even heard of a super limited Turbo S before!

The EP82 TRD leaflet was actually spotted by Si on here, had a bit of a fight to land it iirc.


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I like how you picked yourself up a caldina motorfan mag :) And that statue, she's a babe!

Are you going to fit the ETC? They usually have some cool jap voice / recordings on them.