Car Won’t Star


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Thanks Jays,
She seems to be back to normal now.....touch wood until she has another moment lol.

TBH the terminals did look like they had seen better days. Times like this I wish I had a garage to tuck her away for the winter months.

I attacked the terminals with a small wire wheel, got them looking all shiny again, and applied some silicon spray on the batter terminals and a touch of vaseline on the positive and negative wiring terminals.

She seems to fire up much easier now :cool: . I'm forever learning something new on this car.

Ps - unsure if its coincidental, but I attacked the door and boot rubber seals with the silicon spray too a couple of days ago....and the condensation in the interior light, roof and rear window seems to have gone.

For anyone else who wants to give their door rubbers etc a refresh:

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