EP85 gearbox problems


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Hi. I blew the engine a while ago, and when split the gearbox from the engine I saw a crack inside of the bellhousing where the flywheel sits, and I could see a little oil coming from it.

my engine is no good anymore, the block is torn, a rod doesn't exist anymore,the rest of the rods are crooked and what's weird is even my crank is crooked.
when I saw that my crank is crooked I thought that maybe the fly wheel cracked the gearbox. but right next to the crack I can see a bump.
I'm thinking maybe something jumped inside the gearbox...

Q: where can I find a service manual of the EP85? or a link on how topen up the gearbox?
has anyone opened up the 4wd tranny? do you have any tips?

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get the toyota electronic parts catalogue, anyone will do ,the car is old anyway, is it EP85-AGMNK (2dr) or EP85-AHMNK (5dr)

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if it is just a crack i would just get it welded. or if you want to be really cheap, get some chemical metal, vee the crack out a bit and stick some of that in there. as long as its got something nice and rough to grip too and all the oil have been cleaned from the crack and cant seep through until full dry it should work fine.

do you have a picture of the crack and where it is on the box? the main box is basically the same as a turbo or 4efe box just with a transfer box bolted on.

that pic above is just the transfer box!


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I have the 5 door EP85.
the crack and a bump is where the transfer box meets with the gearbox.

The problem is arrow A, can you see the bump?

can anyone confirm if the bump means that something could be damaged or if it's there from factory?

if it was only the crack I would have welded it shut already.

@dac69er: I have a EP91 manual box at home, the exterior is damaged but the gears inside should still be good.
the EP85 has a light gear ratio can the gears from the Ep91 tranny be switched with the EP85 ones?

Thanks for the replys
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The lump looks factory
But that crack is nasty ! I'd be inspecting all box internals and clutch for debry cause something has caused that crack


The final drives can be swapped over in the 2 boxes you have, it will give you near enough Glanza ratios with still a lower 1st gear. I just got the 1st gear switched over as I like the punch of the lower final drive, it will still do 125 mph if I want, but the longer 1st gear is useful.


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The block is cracked, 1 rod is exploded in tiny bits and the rank is bent.

Weejohn do you have any info at all on how to open up the tranny?
maybe a service manual or something?
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