### EP95 turbo conversion ###


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Found out that he is on here but very seldom, and he posted a reply on this very same thread AGES ago lol Thats steven below
aah, the elusive secret steve. pops up down the drag racing occasionally. hes a very knowledgable bloke, his car is awesome.


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where did you get them done as i could do with a set?

on a side note
im getting a few thicker rear anti rollbars made up if your interested

Ole Vaesel

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If you would like Pictures of the internals of the EP95 gearbox and transfer box send me a pm with you e-mail address. You will destroy synchro rings etc in the box before you break anything to do with the 4wd. Do not listen to rubbish about 200-250hp being the limit.
Hej Steve

Are you on facebook?
Its because i need some help about 4paws.