How to change coolant guide *


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Most of you know how to do it anyway, Since i have taken pics of while i was changing the coolant, heres a guide to help some out.
First take off the splash guard under the drive side.

As picture, white plastic screw at the bottom of the rad. It can be unscrew by hand. Soon its unscrew the coolant should come out. Make sure you have some sort of bucket to catch the old coolants.

Now open the rad cap at the top, anti-clockwise. so the coolant should rush out like the tap.

After all drained out, i use a water hose and run it though the rad, to clean out all the dirty and rust.

I even drained out the old coolant from the bottle. As mine was very very dirty.

now pu; in the new coolant, should get the RED stuff coolant from toyota, as everyone recommend it.


Now screw back in the white plastic screw tight. than pull the coolant into the top of the rad.

Start the engine, wait about 10mins till the fan comes on, let all the air out the rad, fill it up if needed to. When all the air is out.

Than you can put the rad cap back on.

Job done, simple as!!
Hope this helped.


Good tutorial mate, worthy of moving into the engine section!

One thing I'd add is that to flush out the crap lying heating system and inside the engine you would need to flush out the system and top it up with pure water. Then drive it for a bit to let the road vibrations move any corrosion and blockages. After this you can reflush it with clean water till everything is clear.

I'll find the part number and price of the Forlife stuff too and attach them for you.

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