My First Auto - A rally down Memory Lane


Thought I'd post these pics up for Brendan (X-dude).

Trevor and I spied this wagon in the Jap auctions:

I was looking an auto at the time and so it arrived into Dublin Docks around 4/5 weeks later:

Brought her back home and that was me hooked on the autobox:

A few small changes were made over the next year or so:

An early Hybrid CT9 from Tong Turbo's coupled with an early WEPR manifold. Would be interested to know if they are still actually working :

And finally the 'Racebreaker' :

I always thought she was dead in a hedge somewhere as I haven't heard tell of the car since but it was good to know she is still alive (albeit as a manual now).




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you FOUND it?

where are the up to date pics?


aww the old garage :( sad.
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It found me. Brendan PM'ed me looking some help with the wiring. Couldn't believe she was still in one piece. The boyo that bought it near wet himself on the testdrive lol.


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awe man, i thought it was only me who loved this car to bits... theres a whole story to tell but ill not bore you today with it!! ill put up some pictures nearer the end of the week when shes all finished. the wepr mani was the first thing to come off as it was cracked into a million different bits, turbos still on it and working well... kev (the guy who bought it) told me it was a hybrid turbo when i got it but i just figured he was trying to make a sale! i always wondered why it was so quick for an auto!