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Firsty hey to everyone !

Want to start off by saying i have developed a new leader board and wanted to start fresh with times ect, BUT i shall be reusing the old times ect just to get the board looking good, however, there is alot more detail on the new one, hopfully peopel will be able to back up there times ect with evidence, but in some cases maybe they wont be able to so please fill in what you can from the following and ill add times ect as we go along.

This thread is stickly for posting times only and and chitchat will be delieted without reason, its in everyones best intrest really to get a good board up for us all to brag about.

so firstly heres the template for you to fill out:

User Name
Car Model & Year
Engine Code
Turbo & Boost Pressure
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs)
1/4mile time
Trap Speed (MPH)
Tyres(street, semi or full slick)
Location of Recorded time
Link to Members page

Multiple times maybe posted for major changes i.e turbo change or engine swap, no diffrent boost pressures of the same turbo please.

So heres mine for example

User Name - Goldenvtr
Car Model & Year - Starlet GT 94

Engine Code - 4efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure - TD04L @ 1.2bar
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) - n/a
0-60ft - 2.39
1/4mile time -13.09
Trap Speed (MPH) - 113.64
Tyres - Street
Location of Recorded time - Santapod

Time Slip -

Link to Members page-

So fire away with your times and ill get cracking!

any questions feel free to PM me
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User Name - Craig_GT
Car Model - Starlet GT 1994
Engine Code - 4efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure CT9a @ 11psi
BHP / Torque (fti-bs) - n/a/
0-60ft - 2.51
1/4mile time - 15.510 sec
Trap Speed (MPH) - 90.2 mph
Tyres - street
Location of Recorded time - Crail Raceway (
Link to Members page -

Not great i know but had issues with heating clutch, one passenger and over 3/4 tank of petrol! ;)

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User Name : slostar
Car Model & Year: 91 gt
Engine Code: 5efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure: 21PSI
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) 200KW+
0-60ft : 1.93
1/4mile time 11.75
Trap Speed (MPH) 122
Tyres: hoosier dot radial
Location of Recorded time: meremere nz
Link to Members page:n/a



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User Name : Damage (KYOKUDO RACING)
Car Model & Year: 95 gt
Engine Code: 4efte
Turbo: Blitz K24
Turbo & Boost Pressure: 15/16 PSI
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs): 221bhp
0-60ft : 1.9
1/4mile time: 12.5
Trap Speed (MPH) 110
Tyres: Trampio Semi Slicks
Location of Recorded time: Halfar Malta
Link to Members page:n/a
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User Name ben_j
Car Model & Year 1990 ep82
Engine Code 4efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure blitz k24 and 1bar
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) 211bhp
0-60ft 2.2
1/4mile time 13.4
Trap Speed (MPH) 107
Tyres(street, semi or full slick) eagle f1's
Location of Recorded time Santa Pod
Link to Members page
Time Slip


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User Name - Looseunit
Car Model & Year - 1991 Toyota Starlet GT
Engine Code - 4efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure - T3 60 Trim, 18 psi
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) - 210hp atw
0-60ft - 2.01
1/4mile time - 13.03
Trap Speed (MPH) - 100mph
Tyres(street, semi or full slick) - Yokohama AO32R
Location of Recorded time - Masterton Motorplex



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User Name - -Harry-
Car Model & Year - Starlet GT 90
Engine Code - 5efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure - 18psi
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) - 270hp atw for this run
0-60ft - 1.8
1/4mile time -11.7
Trap Speed (MPH) - 121
Tyres - old slicks
Location of Recorded time - willowbank

My first 11.7. Ive got about 7 slips now of 11.7's.


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User Name: Jimmer
Car Model & Year: EP82 GT 1992
Engine Code: 4EFTE
Turbo & Boost Pressure: AET hybrid @ 1.3bar
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs): n/a - car got 211bhp @ 1 bar but no figure for 1.3 bar
0-60ft: 2.408
1/4mile time: 13.7 sec
Trap Speed (MPH): 113 mph
Tyres(street, semi or full slick): street, toyo t1-s
Location of Recorded time: Bishopscourt, N.Ireland
Link to Members page : pic will be posted as soon as i get the time card back from my car, it was posted up for the previous leader board if a moderator wants to check if they have it in the mean time?
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User Name - alfradio
Car Model & Year - Tercel (coupe) 1989
Engine Code - 4EFTE
Turbo & Boost Pressure - CT9 @ 12 psi
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) - n/a
0-60ft - 2.033
1/4mile time -13.83
Trap Speed (MPH) - 97.82
Tyres - Nitto drag radials
Location of Recorded time - Capitol Raceway, MD (USA)



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User Name: Stu-
Car Model & Year: EP71, 1985
Engine Code: 4agte
Turbo & Boost Pressure: TO4e, 16psi
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs): 195kw/550nm
0-60ft: Unknown
1/4mile time: 13.02
Trap Speed (MPH): 115.5MPH
Tyres(street, semi or full slick): Semi (Old)
Location of Recorded time: Meremere, New Zealand
Link to Members page: NA


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User Name : HusseyGT
Car Model & Year: 1994 ep82
Engine Code: 4efte
Turbo & Boost Pressure: sorry cant share :)
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs) : lots
0-60ft : 1.835
1/4mile time 11.484
Trap Speed (MPH): 126.89
Tyres: 13x8 slics
Location of Recorded time: MDRA Hal Far Malta
Link to Members page: N/A



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Alf i think i might just do that you know, will help with the display on teh forum too.

Nice one Konrad, ill add it on:)


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User Name: damussi
Car Model & Year: '94
Engine Code: 4EFTE
Turbo & Boost Pressure: 20psi with 50 shot NOS
BHP / Torque (ft-ibs): 292hp /267 tq
0-60ft: 1.784
1/4mile time : 11.9
Trap Speed (MPH) : 116.88
Tyres(street, semi or full slick): Full slicks
Location of Recorded time: John I IV &V Recreational center
Link to Members page N/A

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