New Registered Trader - Carbon Goodies


It's my great privilege to welcome another registered trader to TGTT - Carbon Goodies!

Rick has been a long term TGTT member and remembers the site in it's early incarnations. Since taking over at Carbon Goodies he's been investigating what products to offer the Starlet market and the future will no doubt hold a few excellent additions to his range.

I'm seriously looking forward to seeing what goodies he can bring to TGTT and I'm sure you are too :cool:

Welcome aboard Rick!
Thanks very much guys.

It's great to finally be a trader on this forum and I'm looking forward to offering some great products for you.

I currently have a few Starlet products in stock and access to others but there is actually very little in the way of carbon for the Starlet market so I'm going to have to develop quite a few products. Please tey and bear with me on this guys as development takes quite a long time so don't expect any brand new items straight away.

I have just developed a full pre preg carbon reverse bonnet scoop but we have hit a slight snag with it, in that the fit could be better so we are having to go back to square 1 to make sure the new one fits like a glove. At the same time I am going to be developing a bonnet vent delete hump to make the bonnet look like a Glanza S bonnet. Again this will be in full pre preg carbon and it will come with the fittings to make it a direct replacement for the standard scoop.

I will update my trader forum later tonight with what I do have access to, so feel free to have a look and ask as many questions as you like.

Cheers guys