Nice spec 300bhp+ 99 Glanza gauging interest forged standalone ihi turbo etc.

For sale: 99 Glanza

Item Condition: Very good

Price and price conditions: 6500 pound

Extra Info:throwing this out there which kinda saddens me but its lying up too which is a bit of a waste. Its been lying up a good while and the new tax laws have it declared off the road so its not been brought for spins anymore. If I can get right storage for it soon things might change though need to sort something for it.

Probably gonna get some stick over the asking price but imo you wont build a Starlet that has the same type of work done for less. Everything was bought pretty much new and if something broke it got replaced with something better. I know you dont get your money back for what you spent on modifying a car but if I asked for what I've spent you'd die laughing. I know I could break it to get a lot more but Id rather it stayed in one piece and I cant break it from where I am.

Block Bored 0.5mm and decked
Notched to clear steel Rods
Head Skimmed
Valves Re-Seated - 3 Angle Vavle Seats
Wiseco 74.5mm Pistons, 10cc Dish
Scat Rods
ACL Bearings
ARP headbolts
1.2mm ZEP Head Gasket
Zisco mani and down pipe
Tial external wastgate
Braided oil and waterlines
ihi vf34 turbo bought new
KAKIMOTO R exhaust
Powerflex exhaust mounts
Powerflex engine mounts
APEXi 1.3 bar Rad cap
HKS mushroom filter
HKS Oil catch tank
HKS Oil filler cap
Golpher aluminium rad
Spal slimline fan
MAGNECORE HT 8mm Plug leads
NGK Range 8 Iridium plugs
Trust blacktop TYPE S BOV
WALBRO 255 L/H Fuel Pump
SPS clear belt cover
Trust oil cooler and remote oil filter relocation kit

Haltech sprint 500 standalone
Field one touch harness
Nissan Skyline GTR tps
Aem wideband also wired to the standalone
Trust 3 bar map sensor
Sard 550cc injectors sequentially setup
APEXi boost gauge
No name oil temp/pressure gauges
Water temp gauges
APEXi AVCR black edition
APEXi Auto Timer Turbo timer

Factory lsd box
Exedy clutch kit
SPS short shifter

Meister zeta R coilovers
BRIDGESTONE potenza Tyres
OEM Rear Strut
Zep c-pillar bar
Whiteline 22mm front arb
Whiteline panhard rod
Whiteline adjustable rear arb
Whiteline ALK
TMD rear beam poly bushes
Cusco lower arm brace
Anodized red BMS
HEL braided brake lines
3g Grooved discs

Genuine VARIS bumper
Genuine ZEP Racing skirts custom modified to align with front bumper
Genuine VARIS spoiler
Custom carbon splitter diffuser
Full respray in a custom version of 040 super white
skirts and rear splitter molded on
arches rolled and flared
Door lines deleted
Antenna deleted
Flushed Bootlid
undersealed with shtuz
New lights and fogs
Reflect rear lights

RECARO seats
MOMO coarse knob
MOMO pedal
TYPE R steering wheel
Quick release boss
JVC dvd headunit
Indigo dials
Factory armrest
TRD clock surround
TRD radio surround and window switches

It has no tax or test as its been sitting up since 2012.


Contact Details:pm or message on here

Location:Sligo Ireland

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:pick up

Feel free to ask for any more details I'll be happy to give them.
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You need to apply the sales template Corey-san or I'll have to (quite happily) delete this post.

If the only issue is that it's not being driven drop her up to the ranch and I'll keep the dust off her for ya.


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wow normally i would say 8k is stupid price for any starlet but for that i honestly dont think its far off lol.


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Honestly my favourite glanza ever. Anything over 6k for a glanza I'd say is stupid but if I didn't have mine right now I'd be on the way to the bank to get a loan.
You need to apply the sales template Corey-san or I'll have to (quite happily) delete this post.

If the only issue is that it's not being driven drop her up to the ranch and I'll keep the dust off her for ya.
I just copied and pasted a thread complete brain fart I should really know better at this stage I'll sort it now. Thats a very tempting offer but I dont know when I'll be home if I even do go home at this stage sad times I miss driving it everything is so slow here lol. I'd need to get it on a car transporter because there is no tax or test on it if I was to bring it up. Hmm I gonna give that a good think now Jay cheers.

Its 8000 euro which I think is pretty fair.


Thanks for amending that buddy.

I think you should amend the title from 'nice spec' to 'dream spec' while you are at it. Imagine trying to build one from scratch!


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been wondering about this car,bloody hell you've done a great job with it!

mind me asking where you are?lol


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So this is an asking price of 6350 pounds sterling Corey? (8K euro)

just so everyone is clear, i think it would be impossible to build this car for close to that.



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Bit off topic.... Which car did your seats come from I have the same ones in my V and always been curious where they came from.


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Said it before, this is the first Glanza I followed on here and it is still my all time favourite!!

Would be gutted to see it broke.. hope something works out for ya!!


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cracking car love it! it would be a shame to see it get broke but try ep performance he buys a lot of high spec gt/glanza's worth a try?
this is put on hold im trying to sort a test for it so it can be driven/test diven legally problem is I need to get it from this setup to ct9 cat setup then back to this again hard to do from canada.


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There's cash waiting big son! If u would reply an let me know if she's still up forsale! My brother lives up north and can collect this on a low loader! Get in contact let me know either way