Pics that say 1000 words


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Nice find :)

But not really for war and terror myself and some of them pics are quite, well i'm a pacifict, well you get the idea - not very nice


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Wait til you get home, too many good pics to choose and post up! lol

Also maybe don't look at this if you're squeamish too. For instance, go to the very last page. Not very nice at all.

But still, some amazing photos in there.


Great thread with alot of speechless images.

The bottom of page 38 had me in tears of laughter with the explantion of the "Hole to hell".


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the last page is preety horific, it features a asian guy eatting a dead baby, not for everyones taste, just a warning!! Preety sick shit


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Go to page 126 right at the bottom of the page there is a baseball vid, that is pretty cool..

Have got lost in the pic's as there are some awsome ones in there..


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Feel free to rep me for finding such a cool thread.

I managed to go through page 1 to like 10, then back from the last page to page 70ish. Still got 60odd more to go through!


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my computer is warning me of a malware on the last page which may crash my computer!lol..all the other pages are ok tho