Re-Circ bung?!


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Has anyone got any info where I can get a bung and what size to cover where the recirc valve sits on top of the solid air intake pipe? I've got a bov and going to buy a breather for the rocker cover...Are there any pros/cons to be aware of with removing it.


Cusco, blitz and others made fancy alloy versions but I've seen quite a few people make their own out of plastic/perspex.

Even seen 50p coins glued in place.

You can leave the stock recirc valve in place until you get something sorted. Just disconnect the vacuum line and it'll stay closed.


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I just left my factory valve in place until I got a filter relocate kit :)
Yeah relocation is on the list but not for a while. Will need to delete the A/C first.
Hopefully getting wheels refurbed next week then I'll fit my new slashplates... then I need recommendations on coilovers for road use.. wife's gonna kill me with the amount I


Don't tell her then lool I'd be 6 foot under by now :D all the kit is really is a 90 silicone and a 90 alloy pipe, cheap enough :)


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How come your arc bov has a flange and a little trumpet on it? all the ones ive see just have a round piece on them with arc wrote on.

Theres a few variants, im not too sure on the differences though. I would like to have picked one up with the adapter to fit the standard intake but it seemed impossible. I actually have another which is also different.3A88BCFB-3E23-4B03-9784-3B6E66E5E5BB.jpeg


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Thats weird ive never seen that one either lol. I dont why they made so many slightly different versions. I will get pics of mine and compare them.