RIP this forum.


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id guess facebook took over? times change, people lose interest, other commitments etc.. for example ive been busy with life.. wotk new home wedding studies etc.. today i remembered of the forum and came to have a look.. :)


i dont see how facebook can compete with a well organised forum. its impossible to search for information on facebook.
give me a forum over facebook any day of the week


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well, you kind of can search on facebook. I still prefer a forum, but thats how things are going.
this forum is great for informational purposes still, even if the daily traffic has been reduced

congrats sheldon on the lot you mentioned, life does move on

and many of the old members still pop in ever so often


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We all still lurk in here now and again :)

There is so much information on TGGT, even though not many posts you can be sure thousands read the threads.


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The problem with this forum is exactly what happened to a forum I used to moderate on, no offence to you guys, but you simply are not IT literate enough to sort the issues out.

This is clearly the better forum out of UKSO and here.

The problem is UKSO has moved with the times. Using modern forum software, which is kept up to date.

On my old forum the Admin didn't know how to upgrade the software, as such things broke.

If you took the database dump and put it into modern forum software, this forum would be alive and kicking.

I know it only takes the one or two quality members to make a forum great. That's what this forum has. And to its credit so does UKSO. But I often find people are relunctant to help on that forum, unlike this one.

I like UKSO as it's more active. I like this forum because we have some serious knowledge here.