Shock Popped into boot!

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Was driving steady yesterday into work, and as i came into the carpark the back end bounced right up like there was no dampnening, so i got out to look and the piston of the shock came up and had hit the rear seat:eek:
The piston moves fine, and i cant see anything wrong and i have had the shock off? only thing i think it is is that i can now pull the piston and big top spacer and nut up until it stops, and there is like a bevveled bit at the top of it, is this the problem?
The shocks are only 2months old, Is it the top mount itself of the actual shock? I have no idea what it is or where to buy rear topmounts?

Thanks alot

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Will do mate, 2 seconds
here we go, first one is it pushed in (takes some doing) and the second is when its fully extended.

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Looks like the flange to hold it below the top mount has broken off. You can see the remains of it between the top mount and the top washer in the second pic. It can be fixed by welding anothe washer onto the shock rod where the old one was and refitting it all.

For it to come up that far I would say the spring is far to loose on the shock. You may need to move the rings up and make sure the spring is tight between the top mount and rings before refitting it.


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holy crap, i had this go just via normal mounts dropping, that's insane - listen to the wise above me they might be on to something as I've never seen that :(


There should be a metal retainer inside the standard dustcover which prevents this happening. It has either failed or has been replaced with a lesser aftermarket version (KYB shocks come with crappy plastic retainers which do FA in comparison to the proper metal ones).

The easy fix is to get a washer similar to the one on the top and place it underneath the rubber bush of the top mount. Just ensure the rod cannot push itself into the boot and you should be fine.

Needless to say you will have zero damping on that corner until you sort it so take things easy on the road.


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Thanks lads, top mount is coming tommorow so will whip the shock off and have a nosey, thing is today i pushed it back down, and it went to work and back fine? only popped again on a big speed bump near my house. And yeh Jay its slightly dodgy not having any dampnening, feels like its going to do a frontflip lmao!
Oh and the springs are cuscos, they only lowered it by mabye 10mil and i use spring clamps to get them in so there in no way loose.

And it only came up that high as i pulled the rod upto the stop, it didnt pop that far lol