Speedvision 270/280 cams


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Any one knows the duration @ 1mm specs . ?
If some one has degreed them on installation what figures did you get?



no specs when contacted
Yeah ... I kinda sorta wondered about that??? These car's and motor's are kinda old these day's ...

And that makes "getting support" from vendor's kinda "tricky" I would imagine??? But folks do have these cams and maybe some of them are on here and will chime in??

Short of that ... if you can find a good machine shop with Toyota Experience??? Some what "local to you??" That may be a good plan B, as it were??


hi haydn...yes we dont sell cams. i am not clue'd in about SV cam specs mate. never used them either.

you an also try Tighe cams in Aus. they have one or two specs off the shelf and custom build any spec you want(billet cams). how ever you'd need to ring them as they are terrible with email correspondence.