The Starlet Advance - Brochure


There's a lot of confusion with the Advance model.

Misinformed people usually state that Recaros, LSD and other bits came as standard which is a simple myth..

Toyota were looking to follow up the Mk2 GT Limited with a similar special edition. The production run started in Dec 1994 and only ran until March of the following year.

The Advance featured:

- Power windows
- Central Locking
- Two tone paintwork (black over grey)
- Advance decals on the sides
- Advance badge on the rear
- Colourcoded wheel trims
- Momo steering wheel
- Momo gearknob

The regular factory and options were also available so it is still possible to find LSD and Recaro seats but certainly not guaranteed.

Here's the supplementary brochure introducing the Advance model: