Uber-Sticky: What tyres do you use/recommend?


I'm gonna order some soon and I'm stuck between 195/45 Yokohama S Drives and 195/50 Parada Spec 2s. Paradas are cheaper and more comfy to drive with everyday because of the higher profile, but the S drives look better and allow the car to go lower.


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I have the Parada spec 2`s, think the were circa £50 a corner. I can vouch for them in the dry, never had a problem with them there but havnt pushed it hard enough to find the limits in the wet so cant comment there.

Are the 888`s not meant to be a bit scary on standing water?


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I'm gonna order some soon and I'm stuck between 195/45 Yokohama S Drives and 195/50 Parada Spec 2s. Paradas are cheaper and more comfy to drive with everyday because of the higher profile, but the S drives look better and allow the car to go lower.
I have the s-drives on the front of mine and Parada Spec II on the back, i would go with Parada Spec IIs all around, i'll not be swapping font to back when the s drives get low, i'll just be getting some more Paradas.

I agree with everything said about both S drives and Parada Spec IIs on this thread

EDIT: Had eagle F1s on previously, also a very impressive tyre, would choose any of these tyres again
Just thought id post feelings on tyres.

Now i am a tyre fitter by trade and fit many different tyres to a range of vehicles with various performances.

Yokohama Parade spec 2: Now this seems the choice tyre on the site. I would have to agree here very good tyre. Grip is very good. I have tested these tyres and also fitted to a host of cars such as performance cars. However with grip you need to sacrifice mileage.. simple

Toyo t1r : Now again mixed reviews. My opinon on these are very good upgrade from a budget tyre but not on any level to performance as others in the price range. From my experience they handle ok in the dry but in the wet expect a few scary moments.

Conti sport contact: Now got these on my car as we speak on the front and all i can say is its a totally different driving style you need for these. let me explain when cornering sometimes i like to adjust i.e if its understeering you want to correct it and these tyres dont seem to like to change direction sharply however when cornering without any adjustments they do hold the road but for the price compared to others too expensive.

kumho ecsta: medium ranged priced whilst giving very good grip and mileage. One of the most popular tyres we sell and for the money very good. ive fitted to a range of cars so suits most.

michelin pilot exalto: they performance tyre to have but way more expensive than others but worth the money. grip immense would highly reccomend.

will update this when have more time as have few others to state :)

all these are based imo and most tested on 2 sizes : 195/45/16 and 195/50/15

i have not mentioned many prices that i payed as get them cheap however blackcircles stock most and you can get prices from there. Expect to pay maximum 10 a tyre fitted if buying of the internet depending on who you go to you can get cheaper.



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Yokohama S-Drive (195/45/15)
The best 'performance' tyre i have bought so far, very very good grip in dry and wet BUT, I had them on my previous car, not the Starlet. Would recommend them though.

Yokohama A Drive (195/50/15)
Alright for the price (£80 for 2 + fitting) not bad in the dry but a bit shit in the wet. S-Drives are miles better.

Kuhmo Ecsta SPT KU31 (195/50/15)
Got two of these when I got my Sprint Hart's, they are on the rear at the moment, but will switch them to the front soon. Seem to hold really well in wet and dry, hard to tell seeing as it's front wheel drive though! Seem to have louder road noise than the Yokohama's
Just a quick update, I've now stuck the Kumho Ecsta's on the front and the handling is excellent. Only tested in dry on the front but handle really well.


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T1R's - Used these yesterday round donington and i was quite disapointed to be honast, i was getting tones of squeeling with the tyres.. Iv had no problem with them round the streets and iv never pushed the car at all in the wet so cant coment on that..

R888 - now admittedly These werent on my car or was i driving but at the same track day yesterday, my mate took me out in his supercharged swift GTi running very similar power to my starlet. These seemed to turn into the corners much better than the T1R's and also there was no tyre squeel with them at all..

Im now looking for a new set off track wheel's so i can get some R888 on the track wheels and keep the T1R's on my street tyres..


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Ive had 2 set Goodyear f1 in 15in very good tyres for ware and grip

what i dint like was the profile first i had 45 and the steering wonder all over the place and ride was very uncomfortable changed to 50 profile and it was like a new car and handling was just as good (theres something to think about )


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i got some TR1s fitted last month, i did have nexen budjet tires and it was a very good increase in grip, but in the wet i still spin in 1st, bearing in mind im still running stock boost on a CT9,
i haven't really pushed them in the wet round corners because i have visions of it ending in tears. on hot days over the past couple of weeks the grip has been good!
just have to see how the wear then i will decide weather to buy again or change.


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Purchased a set of Yokohama S-drives today and got a set of Bridgestone Adrenaline RE001 from bridgestone Dealer as "advertising" tyres as they basically just got released here (it's africa). Will be swopping between the two over the next few weeks, will keep you guys updated. At the moment got the bridgestones on and they stick very well in the dry, unfortunately we dont get much wet tarmac here. Putting the yoko's on tommorow. Both sets are 195/50/15.

The car had Fireforce 70 Sport on (firestone) when I bought it and they were a disaster. Same size as above. Wheel spin all the way into 3rd gear but great for involuntary drifting.
Good choice the s drives are a very good tyre and yokohama have put alot of money and technology in to them.

Be aware of the bridgestones, i have seen daily uneven tyre wear is common on them.


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Having recnetly added Toyo T1r's to my speed lines i rate them very highly for the money i used to have Eagle F1 GSD3's and Pirelli P6000 before that!! The grip in the dry was superb on the F1's and in the wet was more than adequate!!

The toyo's seem as good as the F1's in the dry and are nearly as good in the wet and for £15 a tyre cheaper than the F1's i would choose the the T1r's again!!

As regards for tge Prada spec2's ive heard nothing but bad reveiws of these from a couple of friends of mine both of whom work for HiQ, they both have them fitted and both said they wouldn't recomend them!!
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im using bridgestone potenza re55s type SR and TT on autocross events. highly recomended, good grip on high speed cornering.

federal 595 for my daily drive. good grip but not as sticky as the re55s, but performs well in the wets.


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I have recently changed my tyres.Had bridgestones adrenalin and now i have yokos advans neova ad07.I must say that they very good tyres .....in dry the grip is amazing and in wet conditions very good feel....gives more confidence when taking a turn at high speed.
A very recommended tyre!


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Ive been using T1R's for a few years now and they are defo scary in the wet, wheelspin sometimes in 4th!!! (running standard) but quite nice in the dry altho im pretty sure suspension is the way to go!