WEPR Product/Price list --31/10/08

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i wanted to know if I can get a td04 without buy the entire kit, just those components,whats the price of the td04?
WEPR CT9 Front Mount Intercooler Option-- ($685USD shipped)
Just wondering what the dimensions are for the intercooler? I'm intending to turbo a Sera and keep the stock bumper, so space is very tight! Also, does the piping go under the cross member? To avoid cutting the bumper I was hoping to go over, using a half width rad to make room for the piping.



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hi sacha
ı realy ınterested on buyıng your WEPR "Evolution" stainless steel manifold ı am goıng to use t04 subaru wrx turbo wıth external wastgate
ı have porblem ı try to contact u from your sıte but ıt say ıt ıs underconstructıon
the date ıs old for prıceses
can you say me what prıce do you sent me thıs manıfold to turkey an how can ı contact you for buyıng thıs ıtem thanks my frıend
ı am waıtng ur message


what s/s manifold are you after?

ct9 seperated decat is $240usd shipped.


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Intercooler core ?

Hey buddy iv recently damaged my intercooler core ! As far as I no it's the ct9 kit with the sorter hot pipe were you rotate the turbo ! So basically I need a new core so was just wondering if you could tell wot the hight width and diameter of the core is please ! Or if the price isn't to bad could you tell me how it would be for a new one including postage to buckinghamshire in the uk ?

Thanks mike....
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