Where's all the old school boys gone?!


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Just passing by and won some trophys?!

Glad to see the old site still going and Jay still at the reigns! Hardly ever see a GT or Glanza on the road nowadays... I didn't help by putting mine on the scrap heap :(
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Nice of you to call in bud, that's true they are a rare sight on the roads these days. Makes them a bit more special though!


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One of my Favourite Glanza from here.

Was running some crazy power back in the day.

Anything changed over the years?


I haven’t logged in for a very long time, I do still have a Glanza that’s been sat for a while, it seems a family of mice have moved in recently. I’m going to get it going again soon and try and put some miles on it, i have great memories of this forum it’s great to see it’s still here albeit a bit quieter than the glory days! Long live tgtt


I'm from New Zealand and whilst we have a few Starlets around, there's feck all good knowledge or parts, which is making working on my EP91 quite hard :( It also sucks a lot of photos from this and other forums are all broken, but hey I make do :)

It sucks people have flocked to Facebook for posting stuff as I find forums a lot more valuable and easier to document stuff


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I’ve climbed back out of the woodwork hehe joined in 2007 , built my old starbo on Dave burwashes driveway with the old man himself (RIP) taught me everything I know about them , thinking it’s time to climb back into the hot seat and start another big power project . Whose the plug for starlet upgrades these days I’m guessing Sascha (wicked ep racing ) still leading the charge ? Is there even any company’s doing a one stop shop for all things starlet gt these days ?


I don't think Sacha will ever get away from these cars. He was leading the charge back in 2000 and he is still there lol.

Tuning developments would be another option, Idworks is still running and fensport is another one still rolling too.


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Still miss Dave about the forum :(
Yea mate I hear that Dave was a good man and went out of his way more than once for me , I spent many hours under the bonnet with him on a cold morning at his home up Braintree , can’t ever forget him. I built mine along side his white one with the direct port nitrous kit it was a big part of my youth that , very fond memories. Thanks for the info on companies still putting out starlet parts that’ll come in very handy I live in Spain now so no doubt some things will be a bit longer to do but I have time and space on my farm it’s going to be my enjoyment project to get another little pocket rocket put together glad to see the home of the starbo is still trucking along too with you fellas