Who's got the most power...?


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Hi, I have a 5efhte Tercel with Wiseco and Carillo rods, stock 5efhe head, runs on VP C85 fuel, 4x1600cc injectors.
Put out on Dyno-dynamics 427+hp@34psi, and 473+@34psi on NOS.
Pb 1/4mile=10.90s@137+mph in Aruba without the NOS, with NOS no good results due to slipping clutch 11.20+.
I now have new ACT clutch kit, and ported head with race valve springs, Dyno planned for next week will post results.
For videos go2 Youtube "5EFTE Tercel" or "Bruno racing tercel"


how is 380WHP near 500BHP fly on fwd car?

I'd say it would be around 430BHP Fly....... You dont loose 120BHP through tranny on FWD....

sorry mate..my mistake, was probably trying to reply to many threads at once at the time..with the usual 17-18% loss..it works out to around 440 fly.