highest bhp glanza in the country

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by ep-dylan, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

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  2. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    cool but isnt conors 1 the current highest in ireland ?? ( ep performance )
  3. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    Record has been broken his was 383 this is higher and not a lag monster
  4. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    Great achievement. I thought his was more now with nos tho. What spec u running?
  5. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Any dyno prints or spec of the car?
  6. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    No his was 383 with nos .. Spec of my car is 5e wepr td05 custom cams custom mani exhaust haltech sport 1000 Ecu
    Dyno sheet is kept with me for now
    Think it's has 340 ft of troque
  7. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    No lag, that will be a first in the 100 year history of turbo powered engines.
  8. karl.

    karl. Administrator

  9. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Dylan East.

  10. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    I have made stupid mistakes sellin parts in the past nothing I can do now
    Karl if you think u can build a car on a few stupid sales Ur mistaken

    And for no lag I mean very little obviously not 0 lol
    But haters gona hate :)
  11. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    Fair play for the reply. Although I think the explanations is due elsewhere to the people who were let down
  12. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    Ya true mate something's Ya just can't change
    People do make stupid mistakes but life goes on
    Just here to show the car
  13. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    like on toc.irl ha ha
  14. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    Colin i didn't do Anytng wrong in Toc irl was because of ukso that corofin took me off
    That site is awful anyway not 5 good cars on it
  15. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Refreshing post.

    Whilst it's true the 'what has been fucked cannot be unfucked' you surely have the power to address simple buyer/seller cock-ups?
  16. GI BOY

    GI BOY Registered User +

    Dyno to prove lol
  17. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Maybe give the people back the money they paid you for bits and got ripped off instead of posting videos of your car on the dyno. That might stop folk thinking your a complete scammer.
  18. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    It's easier said than done
    These transactions were more than a year nd a half ago
    Some people should ask the right questions before the buy this and that before Payin the agreed money and giving out about the part then once the realise it's not worth the payed money :confused:it's partically there fault aswel but obviously sellers
  19. animal gt

    animal gt Registered User +

    Dylan is a good bloke he's a trusted seller like....back on topic hete folks or il ban yas all :)
  20. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    what !!!!! its easy as fuck , i have been selling for years not 1s did i get bad feedback like/ lost in the post bullshit / item not as described / etc etc , its upto the seller to inform the buyer the condition of the unit / piece etc etc

    if you sell /think like that no wonder maybe you should change your way of thinking when it comes to selling in the future dylan

    no offence kid

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