highest bhp glanza in the country

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by ep-dylan, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. darraghmh91

    darraghmh91 Registered User +

    What's Wrong with driving a glanza s at 40 (even tho Im surprised he's that old) he likes the car

    Sure doesn't jay have a billion starlets aswell and he's long out of his boy racer days (no offence jay ha) but he has a passion for the cars nd that's there choice to drive them

    Cheap to run and cheap tax nd insurance why wouldn't he drive it??

    Dario is expensive yeah but the parts are always super rare got and mint and most of the time in its original box .. Atleast he sends the parts out and to be fair is one of the top and honest dealers you can ask for the part is always at my house within 2 days after purchase so you have no room to slate him mate and I know from my own dealings with him and still have to hear a bad word about him ripping someone off etc
  2. Rock-kick-Ass

    Rock-kick-Ass Registered User +

    im 65 get ur facts right..lol, i have great feedback, unlike your thieving self

    driving around in a car that was funded from the people ya robbed more or less
  3. Rock-kick-Ass

    Rock-kick-Ass Registered User +

    thanks for kind words darragh,
  4. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Come on Dylan, your not really selling the 'new you' very well.

    apologise etc

    is there no chance of you repaying these fellas?

  5. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    I didn't even have this car when those transactions went on lol and Ya swear you can build a car with 250 the way Ur goin on maybe a Glanza s but not this lol
    Dunno what's the point of your msg's cause what's it proving ? That yer haters is it lol
  6. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Wait so you only owe folk 250?

    your name and reputation isnt worth 250quid?

    You have the opportunity to turn this around for 250quid and you wont.

    sounds like you've been banned from TOC and UKS? and wont be long before your off here if your not making changes ASAP.

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2015
  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    If you know what you owe and who you owe it to then I don't see why you can't just man up and sort it out?
  8. animal gt

    animal gt Registered User +

    Alot of spam here folks back on topic please or There be few ban sticks :) dylan for new bc record I hear?
  9. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Now everything is edited and your outa here :(

    surely 250 isnt a wild amount to ya.

    just contact the fellas, arrange to have them paid back during the next few months.

    Would clear your name.

  10. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yes, everyone listen to Mr Moderater, back on topic lol.
  11. darraghmh91

    darraghmh91 Registered User +

    To be fair it's hard to people to give good feedback on your car if your have ripped people off

    Pay the 250 and your laughin you will be accepted here it's not a hugh amountbof money or is it 250 to each person

    I know I'd go mad I'm currently on the dole and get €188 a week so 250 would really piss me off

    If you do t like the spams then don't log on here cause they will continue
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  12. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    nothing wrong at that age there is more of them we are called enthusiasts ha ha
  13. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    Colin u think that's an enthusiast lol crashed Glanza s and sell's rare and genuine parts lol
    Phil ok il clear the name soon end of
  14. darraghmh91

    darraghmh91 Registered User +

    Why isn't it an enthusiast if he sells rare and genuine parts

    He sits there sourcing them nd sells them for others to enjoy

    I drive a GI starlet so does that not make me an enthusiast ?
    Thanks for that and there's ne thinkin in a car enthusiast I better stop buyin genuine parts for my gt now
  15. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    Lol why you commenting ? That's not the definition of an enthusiast maybe set up a thread there about it lol
    And no he doesn't do it to be an enthusiast its for money lol
  16. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    dylan i think i must be 1 of only a few that doesnt hold a grudge against you !!!!

    but just listen to me 1s ( altho you dont know me personally ) if you want ur online name to be fair/respected again dont fight with fellow members online , and try to clear the past by sorting it out ( we al have a past in some sort of form ) thats why getting older you get a chance to make up for ur past mistakes wich ever they may be we al get another chance 1s the past is cleared up

    1s thats done i think fellow members will give you a brake on it

    so i wish you best of luck with ur future choices / decision and hope you pull out so we can enjoy that little monster on the dyno :) :) ( put that vid back up !!! )

    thats me signing out of this thread

    cheers 5e colin
  17. darraghmh91

    darraghmh91 Registered User +

    I don't understand you man

    I am commentibg cause I think it's bad form what your after doing on others and that your doing nothing to help yourself but dig a bigger hole for yourself

    I never said what an enthusiast is I said how does him drive a glanza s not make him an enthusiast

    And my comment about parts was that you said he sells rare and genuine parts so I stated he finds them giro there and yeah he does want to make money as we all do
    Strange fella all the same man little smart arse even with others trying to give advice to you and you don't accept it nd want to change the subject

    I hope some day you realise that your a clown for doin it and refund people for there loss of money cause it's gonna stay with you as long as your involved with the starlet scene .. Youl be mentioned and people will say Awh is that Dylan the fella who robbed a load of people that time and got banned off ukso and Toc .irl nd on his way off tgtt
    Pretty shitty name to have
  18. Rock-kick-Ass

    Rock-kick-Ass Registered User +

    fucking lol, attacking my poor glanza s :( lol

    dylan your a mong and always will be a mong, i get rare parts from japan, sometimes i make bit money sometimes i don't and sometimes i keep stuff for my self

    i find it funny, you was ep-dylan on toc, banned cause ur a toss, oh i wish corffin didn't hide that thread about you so i could link it here.. then u was ep-beast on ukso and from the links i posted earlier people can see why u was banned..

    then u had a brainstorm and said hey il join again but under a chicks name cause im a lil bitch!

    so you become abbie. lets see abbie's feedback shall we



    A leopard cant change his spots
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  19. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

    U have little to be at lol don't worry I'm not tryin to sell anything anyway
  20. Rev

    Rev Registered User +

    @ep I dont think its just about selling this is small community its supposed to be a safe place, people are feeling betrayed and attacked in there own home, if you can see that pehaps you will also accept this anger is real and needs a more considered response from your person.

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