highest bhp glanza in the country

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by ep-dylan, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    11.7 is fast, very fast for BC

  2. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    on a seperate note, when you paying back what you owe?
  3. animal gt

    animal gt Registered User +

    No1 cares stop spamming
  4. GI BOY

    GI BOY Registered User +

    Lol animalgt.. We'll done dylan cars a beast :rockon: but next time I telling them yr not to be in our class lol you going next month?
  5. MR FAB

    MR FAB Fresh Recruit

    full of greatness this thread :)
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  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    You spelt fanboys wrong.. lulz
  7. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    rofl oooh animal gt you hurt me so...keep hiding your amazing engine bay and worry about that. it ay spam lad u wouldnt be sayin that if he ripped you off. just cus your his buddy.
  8. animal gt

    animal gt Registered User +

    People stil sour over no picys of my bay haha.. pm him if ur so worried about him and less spam here folks. He's a truster seller now :)
  9. David-Starlet

    David-Starlet Registered User +

    dont worry lads i got a sneaky pic of the animals engine bay when he was breaking it
  10. David-Starlet

    David-Starlet Registered User +


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