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Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Franza1, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. pc18

    pc18 North West England Area Rep.

    Username: pc18
    Car: EP82
    Year: 1994
    BHP at Wheels: 175.8
    Torque at Wheels:
    Engine Type: standard 4EFTE
    Turbo: td05h 16g
    Boost: 13psi
    Rolling Road used: Mt Motortec

  2. Sharagath

    Sharagath Paid Member

    Username: Sharagath
    Car: EL54
    Year: 1996
    HP at Wheels: 158.8
    Torque at Wheels: 221.3
    Engine Type: 5E-FTE
    Turbo: td05h 16g
    Boost: 0.65 Bar
    Rolling Road used: Tovami Goes The Netherlands

  3. G6Turbo

    G6Turbo Paid Member

  4. kellygt

    kellygt Paid Member

    Username: Kellygt
    Car: EP91 Glanza v
    Year: 1996
    BHP at the Fly Wheel: 175.8
    Torque at the fly Wheel: 184 ftlbs
    Engine Type:Standard 4EFTE
    Turbo:CT9 1 bar


    Sorry about the phone pic taken straight off the monitor
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  5. A172

    A172 Registered User +

    Username: A172
    Location: Trinidad and Tobago
    Car: Vauxhall/Opel Corsa B with ep82 4efte conversion
    Year: 1998
    BHP at Wheels: 173whp
    Torque: 142LBS at the wheels
    Engine Type: Stock 4EFTE
    Turbo: WRX TD04L
    Boost: 0.82bar

    Simple custom made log manifold
    315cc injectors
    Emanage Blue
    HKS EVC-4
    2 1/2" downpipe into 2 1/2" exhaust straight thru
    95ron fuel
    everything else stock

  6. blakchiney

    blakchiney Registered User +

    1994 gt starlet

    dyno : C.A.R.S. Auto center
    type: dynojet
    location: Kingston, Jamaica
    Power and torque rating: 304 whp and 261 ft tq at the wheels
    Turbo: td05 hr 16g @ 1.7 bar
    engine: 5e with wiseco pistons everything else stock internally
    gas : e 10 90 octain pump gas with meth injection

    graph: [​IMG]
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  7. Erikg

    Erikg Fresh Recruit

  8. starletgtturbo1

    starletgtturbo1 Paid Member

  9. Erikg

    Erikg Fresh Recruit

    At the wheels. 319hp at fly.
  10. Ant

    Ant Paid Member

    Username: Ant
    Car: Glanza V
    Year: 1996
    BHP at Wheels: 119BHP
    Torque: 144.6 LBS
    Engine Type: 4EFTE
    Turbo: Hybrid CT9
    Boost: 0.96bar
    Roling Road used: Marlin Motor Engineers
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  11. babu_rashu

    babu_rashu Paid Member

  12. victory12

    victory12 Fresh Recruit

    Can I point out that dynojet shouldn't count they read upto 25% higher than dynodynamics, dynapak and dastek dynos.
    virtual assistant
  13. damussi

    damussi Registered User +

    seems like ur upset u can't get any decent figures
  14. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    1995 GT quadlight
    121.95 FT/LB Torque
    0.6 Bar
    Ported Manifold, Toyosports de-cat, straight through exhaust, HKS Mushroom filter
    G-Sport cars
    Graph to follow :)
  15. Jay

    Jay Admin

    I may add a new powerboard to the 'to-do' list then so..
  16. sventz

    sventz Member

    Username: Sventz
    Car: EE90 Corolla
    Year: 1992
    BHP at Wheels: BHP
    Torque: LBS
    Engine Type: 4EFTE
    Turbo: GTX 2867R Gen2
    Boost: 0.7bar
    Modifications: Wossner 74,5 pistons/rings,scat rods, metal headgasket
    Roling Road used:(not dynotested yet)
  17. Skalabala

    Skalabala Registered User +

    We need Dyno plot for that Gen2!!
  18. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    I really should post my graph lol
  19. sventz

    sventz Member

    me too! :D:p

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