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Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Franza1, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. damussi

    damussi Registered User +

    and where did u get this info?
  2. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    Mine needs updating.

    275hp at the fly, 233 atw.

    Only got graph for ATW at the moment. Hope this is OK?

  3. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Username: Rory
    Car: EP82 gt turbo
    Year: 1995
    BHP at the wheel: 227.3bhp
    BHP at the flywheel: 254.7
    Torque: 260.5
    Engine Type: 4efte
    Turbo: TD04l
    Boost: 16 psi
    WEPR TD04 Kit
    Mines ECU
    Forged bottom end
    Roling Road used: Dastek uk - Dalgety bay

  4. GTwayne

    GTwayne Paid Member

    Username: GTwayne
    Car: EP82
    Year: 1991
    BHP at Wheels: 229.8
    Torque: 245
    Engine Type: 4EFTE
    Turbo: TD04L
    Boost: 17psi
    Roling Road used: EngineTuner (Dyno Dynamics)

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  5. turbo-fever

    turbo-fever Paid Member

    can i be added to the power board aswell please

    Username: Turbo-fever
    Car: EP82
    Year: 1994
    BHP at Wheels: 180
    BHP at Flywheel: 231.3
    Torque: 211.9
    Engine Type: 4EFTE
    Turbo: TD04L
    Boost: 16psi
    Roling Road used: Engine Advantages


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  6. dan_ep82

    dan_ep82 Paid Member

    all of above added :)
  7. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    Nice on Dan.
  8. AzE_B

    AzE_B Paid Member

  9. GTdan

    GTdan In The Closet

    Username: GTDan
    Car: EP82
    Year: 1995
    BHP at Flywheel: 167
    Engine Type: 4EFTE
    Turbo: CT9
    Boost: 0.75
    Roling Road used: Reworx - dyno dynamics.

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  10. Dane_Bristol

    Dane_Bristol Paid Member

    So you are loosing 28% Through transmission ? That's a loss of 64 bhp from the flywheel to the wheels?

    Its a pretty big loss i think considering normal losses are around 15% transmission loss?

    Its a good flywheel power for 0.75 on a CT9 i assume its a Hybrid CT9 ? that's foresure !
  11. GTdan

    GTdan In The Closet

    Nope, i just forgot to amend the bhp figure LOL

    amended now!
  12. Dane_Bristol

    Dane_Bristol Paid Member

    O fair enough mate,

    Do you have a WHP graph as the power board is only read in WHP not BHP atf.

    Working on 15% transmission loss it would give you approx 167 -25 leaving you with approx 142 WHP ?

    Seems about right for the power :)
  13. GTdan

    GTdan In The Closet

    no sadly thats all ive got....will get it on another rollers in the near futre
  14. WallaceGlanza

    WallaceGlanza Paid Member

    One thing about the power board - the bit that reads "BHP wheels" doesn't make sense, bhp is the flywheel power so it should just say "HP wheels" and the same for all the figures that are xxxBHP should just be xxxHP
  15. GTdan

    GTdan In The Closet

    summarise it should say BHP=brake horse power measured at fly
    WHP = Wheel horse power the wheels lol
  16. turbo-fever

    turbo-fever Paid Member

    i think i need to get mine rolling roaded somewere else as i got 231flywheel bhp but only 180whp lost like 50 brake lol
  17. scatman56

    scatman56 Registered User +

    my dyno graph
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  18. dan_ep82

    dan_ep82 Paid Member

    GT-dan i need wheel power figure mate!

    powerboard updated and the WHP bit for all you moaners. :p
  19. TurboDave

    TurboDave Paid Member

    Username: Turbodave
    Car: EP82
    Year: 1994
    BHP at Wheels: 184.5 bhp
    Torque at Wheels: 175 ftlbs
    Engine Type: Forged 4EFTE
    Turbo: Hybrid CT9
    Boost: Spiking to 1.2 dropping to 1.1-1.0 due to naff boost controller.
    Roling Road used: Dyno Dynamics, Weston Performance


  20. goldenvtr

    goldenvtr Paid Member

    when was this last updated? :p

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