Who insures you?

Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by Jay, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Who is everyone insured with? How much do they charge and how do you rate them?

    A list giving these details will benefit anyone searching for insurance so post away peeps!
  2. EP82

    EP82 Paid Member

    Currently insured With Elephant, im 21 but have 9 points on my license and im paying £1500 :eek:

    EDIT: Now paying £1400 with Adrian flux still 9 points, 4 years no claims and insured for 220bhp on a TD04, coilovers, Sparco Bucket seats, FMIC and other supporting mods. :)

    EDIT: Now paying £550 Fully comp with 5 years no claims, and 6 points on an MR2 Turbo :)
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  3. tucka

    tucka Paid Member

    im with adrain flux get a discount wen been with tgtt. £800 fully comp with a 50 day ban(sp30) and 3points(sp30) on my licence, im 22 3 years no claims, cars parked on a drive, with cat 1 alarm.
  4. parkiboy

    parkiboy Paid Member

    Admiral - 19, 1 non fault claim, 0ncb, 0 penalty points - £1750 TPFT :p

    will be a hell of alot cheaper on renewal but i didnt think this was bad for my age.
  5. EP82

    EP82 Paid Member

    I just need a better quote next year (actually renual is next month) Have now got only 6 points and 4 YNC So I think I will be abe to afford the insurance to TD04 my car, im going to call Adrian Flux to sort it out.
  6. jamesbaa

    jamesbaa Paid Member

    Admirla - 19, 1 claim, 1ncb, 0 penalty points - £1300 TPFT

    cant wait for renewal in 3 months!!
  7. Dan3SGTE

    Dan3SGTE Paid Member

    im with highway insurance through adrian Flux as they are a broker.

    Paying £1300 Fully comp all mods declared.............. :cool:

    PS.... Im 21 with 4 years NCB :)
  8. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    4 years NCB
    Quinn Direct
    1000 Euro
  9. dan

    dan Paid Member

    Just got mine re-insured with Elephant, Bell wanted £800 TPFT 25 2 years NCB got it down to £569 with Elephant online TPFT
  10. WallaceGlanza

    WallaceGlanza Paid Member

    I'm with highway through warwick davis. I pay just under £800 fully comp with all mods declared. I'm 22 (21 when the policy started) with 2 years ncb and a clean license.

    The car is properly insured as a glanza and they are good with mods, renewal is due next month.
  11. Matt_Seicentos

    Matt_Seicentos Paid Member

    20 with 2 years NCB, paying 630 fully comp! with BELL Direct! did try to rip me off with renewal but a quick phone call got it down from 990 to 630 :D
  12. EP82

    EP82 Paid Member

    My GF Drove my GT today and has now decided that she HAS to have one lol, Just got her a quote, Driving 3 years, 2 Years no claims (she''s 21) and the quote was £525! Fully Comped Cant beleive it, stupid women drivers lol
  13. tucka

    tucka Paid Member

    damn thats a good quote for your age n 2 years ncb!
  14. Matt_Seicentos

    Matt_Seicentos Paid Member

    thats what I thought! although compared to my m8s I seem very lucky when it comes to car insurance, took my a bit of a battle to get it down that low but it all payed off in the end lol!

    however when I got the car I was 19 with 1 years ncb and I payed 1400 fully comp :(
  15. WallaceGlanza

    WallaceGlanza Paid Member

    I thought your quote from adrian flux was pretty good, they were quoting me over £1000.
  16. tucka

    tucka Paid Member

    yeah im happy with what im paying, i suppose its who you speak to on the day when you ring up! and also haggle lol
  17. pete_r86

    pete_r86 Paid Member

    i'm with adrain flux, 20 year old with 1 year no claims and a 6 month ban 2 years ago


    £1500 i'm happy:D
  18. Somhairle

    Somhairle Paid Member

    National Farmers Union - (NFU Mutual)

    Fully comp, Insured on a 3.1TD Trooper and a 95 GT

    All mods Declared, 21 (22 on sat)

    £864 - dropping to £713 next month.
  19. Monkfish

    Monkfish Paid Member


    £650 Fully comp, all mods declared to 180bhp, like for like cover and protected no claims.

    24 (Nearly 25 :(), 4yrs NCD, 1 non-fault accident in Mar '03 and an SP30 in Feb '03

  20. Lee C

    Lee C Paid Member

    Im with Admiral, i pay £506 Fully comp with all mods declared and 2 yrs NCD and 0 Points, 25 years young.

    Renewal is in 2 months and i wont be going with admiral agin because there rip offs.

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