Who insures you?

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  1. *starlet_babe*

    *starlet_babe* Registered User +

    I'm with diamond,

    Age: 21
    Mods: None at present
    NCB- 1 year
    1 at fault accident from a couple of years ago
    Declared at gt turbo and import


  2. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    22 with 3 years ncb with adrian flux.

    pay approx £450 fully comp with all mods declared. have no points on my liscence.

    been with them since ive had the GT and they seem to be fine. had no problems and they seem fine with all the mods so far.
  3. ian

    ian Paid Member

    Adrian Flux £290 Fully comp all mods declared i'm 27 with 8 years no claims protected and an SP30.
  4. chinaone

    chinaone Paid Member

    Im 25, 2 YNC, Cat 1 alarm, park on roads. As i only been drive for 2 years.
    With Norwich at mo paying £1100 Fully comp 9 months NCB booster. For 2 years now, price stays the same.
    Contract finish end of month, so called adrain flux get a 15% discount with tgtt. £900 fully comp or £600 TPFT.
  5. Nick_P

    Nick_P Paid Member

    Am with highway insurance through adrian Flux,
    Paying £505 TPFT, with all mods declared on a like for like bases
    am 22 yr old,
  6. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Paid Member

    18, 1yrs driving, 1yrs NCB, Fully Comp, dad also on the policy - £1500.
  7. Craig

    Craig Paid Member

    18, 1 Years Driving, 0 NCB, Policy Holder with Mum as named driver (she has 3 points) £1200ish with Admiral!
  8. tosa2tosa

    tosa2tosa Paid Member

    adiral £800 fully comp
    21 (20 wen ploicy started)
    no points or claims
  9. Hutch

    Hutch Paid Member

    Age 21 (20 when policy started) insured with Bell fully comp drive any other car. 2 years no claims 3 years licence. no claims made & no points 626!!!
  10. ryan-11

    ryan-11 Paid Member

    im with highway insurance through adrian Flux

    £800 fully comp im 22 with 3years no claims and no points
  11. 99glanzav

    99glanzav Banned

    age 19- prov licence - 2 points - 4000 fully comp on the sir

    age 20- full licence - 4 points - 2400tpft on the glanza (quinn direct)

    age 21- full licence - 4 points -4800fully comp(lowered to 3400) on my GT4(fbd insurance) also my vw caddy van is 900euros fully comp

    age 22- full licence -6 points - 1500 fully comp on the type r civic
  12. AzE_B

    AzE_B Paid Member

    age 20
    insurer elephant
    2 crashes
    1 years no clams
    fully comp £930
  13. riko666

    riko666 Registered User +

    21 years of old
    3 years NCB
    No Claims/Crashes
    Fully Comp
    Churchill Insurance

    Last year I paid £1200 :p
  14. Rik

    Rik Paid Member

    19 yo
    1yr NCB, nearly 2!
    Fully comp with mother as second driver
    Insured with Footman James
    Just under £2500 :(

    Sucks living in a black listed area! I think i'm gonna search around for some more companies but we rang up over 100 altogether an that was the best :(
  15. cantbassed

    cantbassed Paid Member

    elephant tpft only me on insurance
  16. ragz

    ragz Paid Member

    3 years no claims discount
    paying 900 tpft

    also allowed to drive any other car aslong as its got tax n mot n doesnt belong to me doesnt even have to be insured either just roadworthy

    quinn direct
  17. Derek

    Derek Paid Member

    1700 tpft with quinn direct,23, 1 year ncb, 1 at fault claim, though 1100 over the net must make a call.:shoot:
  18. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    1 year NCB
    2 years driving

    Bell :)
  19. j4cko

    j4cko Paid Member

    20- 19 when policy started
    2 years NCB
    No points
    was £835, declared mods so went up to £1000
  20. G5EGM

    G5EGM Paid Member

    I woz 21 when I got my policy with Performance Direct. Insured fully comp. with 4 years NCB, I've got tints included and using Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system - paying 450/year. Oh yeah, it's a special Jap Import policy! :ep91:

    I had trouble getting a insurance company to recognise the car coz it's a import but Norwich Union did but want to charge just under 1100!! Using the fact that a big insured understands what the car is then you can shop around using them as reference. Some companies also tried telling me I had to be 25 for imported cars or a turbo, etc.

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