Who insures you?

Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by Jay, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Beaker

    Beaker Paid Member

    Kieth Michaels, 6 points, 4 years NCB £399 fully comp and that was 11 months ago so should see a nice reduction in a month. I am a geriatric though!:p
  2. shelly_star

    shelly_star Paid Member

    Got a online quote from Adrian Flux:


    Age 25, 6NCB, pass plus, member on forum, mod's declared
  3. king_stu

    king_stu Registered User +

    Got my renewnal through. They want £430 for me (27yrs 8yrs NCB 0points!) and thats with admiral. tried adrain flux and they can't get lower than £470ish...
  4. Kyle

    Kyle Fresh Recruit

    I'm just turning 18 this sunday and have fell in love with a White 1996 Glanza V fresh from japan.

    Insurance is as you all know a big problem.

    I've called over 10 companies and only one even gave me a quote.

    Prestige £5000 which i simply cannot afford.

    Im desperate for this car i've been hooked on GTs since i got in one 5 years ago.
  5. starbogt

    starbogt Paid Member

    try chris knott or sky insurance. We just insured our Vr6 with chris knott they're really good (490FC) might be worth trying for our gt turbo in may:D
  6. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Registered User +

    sorry, we wouldn't touch it. 18 year old + :gt-logo = accident
  7. dj-rix

    dj-rix Registered User +

    could you give me a quote? im 19, had my license 2 yrs, 0ncb, had my own policy for 6months now so dont have a full years no claims for another 5-6 months.
  8. dj-rix

    dj-rix Registered User +

    forgot to say, glanza, also its garaged
  9. Sharpe Concepts

    Sharpe Concepts Registered User +

    Sky is great but not for the young ones
  10. Duff

    Duff Paid Member

    3 years NCB
    €1400 fully comp.
  11. glanzanut

    glanzanut Paid Member

    im with NFU for £510 fully comp 2 years no claims
  12. nottyash

    nottyash Fresh Recruit

    Academy insurance. Age 36
    5 yearsNCB
    Fully Comp Me and the Wife:
  13. CTR_Timmy

    CTR_Timmy Guest

    1995 GT Turbo


    788 GBP fully comp 10 month bonus excelerator

    I am 21 with 0 no claims bonus
    Accident 1 - hit car changing lanes at fault
    Accident 2 - third party hit me no fault
    Accident 3 - front bumper stolen in Cardiff 1 day before picked up 1 yrs no claims (gits!)

    Not bad and got mate put on for free!!
  14. Rik

    Rik Paid Member

    Just got a quote for £1414 fully comp with adrian flux.

    19, 2yrs ncb.

    Got a quote from sky insurance for around 5 and a half grand :0

    Fair pleased with AF seeing as I was quoted around 3k+ last year off 'em :D
  15. Seanmcn

    Seanmcn Paid Member

    18yrs old with nearly 1 year exp! 94 Starlet GT EP82
    Quinn Direct about €2000!!!
  16. ali619

    ali619 Registered User +

    you wont be able to get a decent quote until your about 20, which really sucks :(, not unless ur willing to pay out of the ass
  17. xst

    xst Fresh Recruit

    I am a bit off, I didn't know that the insurance is so expensive in UK:eek:.

    In Hungary cost for 24year old men max. 300pounds for a year like this Glanza or Impreza GT(WRX in UK). Anyway 1l petrol 75penny in Hun, but this is very expensive compare with earnings, in our neighbouring country(Ukraine) costs only 45penny per liter.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2008
  18. Gilly2006

    Gilly2006 Paid Member

    oh yeh! in preston the council tax is going up and also the gas and lecky! not to mention car insurance!! only come to this Country if you want to be shafted basically. im not staying in this country. forget it.
  19. Adam_Glanza

    Adam_Glanza Registered User +

    glanzas are near impossible to insure properly.

    and if you do manage to get a quote its just ridiculous cash
  20. TRD EP82

    TRD EP82 Fresh Recruit

    im 19 1 ncb no accidents and my mum named driver on insurance qouted by admiral £1.665 tpft but the bastards wont admit they offer a tgtt discount so im guna try adrain flux c if i can go cheaper

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