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Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by Jay, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. GTT_al

    GTT_al Fresh Recruit

    you guys have got some steep insurance prices. im only £900 fully comp, im 18 and with a claim.

    i was quoted 1400 to insure my 106 gti and GTT on the same policy:) not bad i thought.

    oh and thats with bell insurance
  2. Gilly2006

    Gilly2006 Paid Member

    900quid fully comp for your GT?!
  3. Sound Per4mance VI

    Sound Per4mance VI Paid Member

    I pay around $500 per year for my quadlight :gt-logo
  4. SooperD

    SooperD Registered User +

    just did an online quote with quinn.

    Standard Glanza V 1996
    25 (26 in a month)
    Full UK 8 years
    0 NCD ( not had a car for the last few years and was on my parents when i first passed.

    Ouch !! thats with a pass plus too lol.

    Onto the next methinks.
  5. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    Elephant.co.uk --- Very good prices for GT

    23 years old
    Driving for 5 years
    4 years NCB (protected)
    Mods declaired
    Dad as named driver
    Fully comp

    £520 per year :D
    Happy days
  6. CTR_Timmy

    CTR_Timmy Guest

    Elephant Insures me for 1265.00 a year fully comp on a 2008 (58) Honda Civic Type R GT.

    22 years old
    1 years no claims
    18k miles a year

    Didnt think that was too bad as i paid 680 a year for ther GT on 5k miles lol
  7. stuart

    stuart Paid Member


    another Adrian Flux quote thats been denied to me as I'm not 25. Best I'm getting at the moment is £694 full comp with Elephant.

    22, 4 years driving, 4 years ncbs, named driver as my old man
  8. drew-turbo

    drew-turbo Registered User +

    quinn direct
    18 on mams insurance tpft £1100 had a ban and 0 ncb
  9. Collett

    Collett Fresh Recruit

    21 no no claims bonus, clean licence, 3 years 5 months driving experience ... im insured on my 1994 EP82 for £848.50 Fully Comp mods declared :) with bell insurance. Good service so far all my document were sent through within a few days and always help with any queries :)
  10. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    the actual company that insures my GT is based in MALTA!!!!!
  11. aaron425

    aaron425 Registered User +

    0 yrs no claims
    0 yrs driving experience
    gt mk1
    820 quid tpft

    e-car insurance......

    not a bad price for my first car:)
  12. Sazzy

    Sazzy Registered User +

    1yr 6mnts driving experience
    1yr NCB
    Mods declared: Apexi BOV, Exhaust, Tints, alloys
    8k miles a year
    residential carpark
    partner as named driver
    £630 fully comp
    Diamond... and I know they are a "womens" insurance company but guys it's cheaper through them than elephant and they are the same company :)

    :eek: I can't believe how many of you only have TPFT don't you value your little babies!? I've never ever driven without fully comp... even when it cost me 2k for my 1.1 saxo :s
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2008
  13. Rob fulham4eva

    Rob fulham4eva Registered User +

    just turned 18 insured through ecar £300 A MONTH, HAD A 205 GTI THEY WANTED MORE TO INSURE THAT, PISS TAKERS.
  14. GT_lewis89

    GT_lewis89 Paid Member

    im 19 and was going to do this with quinn. get insured on my starlet and drive any other car third party. put an evo in dads name and drive that. :)anyone done something like this? there has to be a catch somewhere along the lines..... surely
  15. The_Notorious_C_A_T

    The_Notorious_C_A_T Paid Member

    2 years no claims
    Driving for 6-7 years (can't remember tbh enough said!)

    Best quote so far is £695.93 from brentachre
    -fully comp
    -30k miles a year
    -Hybrid, Coilovers, 4 pots, Manifold, Ecu, air filter relocation, alloys all declared

    Note don't even have the car yet let alone these mods lol

    Adrian flux dropped there price from 1.3k to 800 after calling a few companies and telling them I can get it cheaper! Goes to show they must have a fair margain like.
  16. pockrockgtti

    pockrockgtti Registered User +

    Im 21 and pay £444.45 with 3ncb, and thats fully comp! It's cheaper than My charade GTti, that costs me £660 fully comp!
  17. The_Notorious_C_A_T

    The_Notorious_C_A_T Paid Member

    I'm definately getting truely arse invaded with my quotes :(
  18. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    what kinda starlet you looking at cat?

    im on 800 with my glanza and its near standard.

    This is the first year on my own insurance though
  19. EP82status

    EP82status Fresh Recruit

    insurance is retarded in this country.
    i'm 28 with full license & 3yrs NCB (this is a 2nd policy) never any claims and 0 points on my license.

    i was with FBD on my 106gti paying €900 ish fully comp ..... i have six weeks left of my policy and rang them today to transfer over to the GT... they said ok at first, then rang me back an hour later saying no they cant insure me cos it's a jap import.. i was like WTF. so i had to ring the underwriter. they will insure me til the end of the policy, but then that's it. i will have to go with quinn then i suppose, cos i don't think anyone else touches starlet turbos......
  20. Millennium

    Millennium Fresh Recruit

    21 years old, 3 yrs driving exp, 2 yrs no claims, all mods declared £800 with quinn. just wonder how much they will like me if i go TD04? =( any1 in my situation td04'd with reasonable insurance?

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