Who insures you?

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  1. JDMmark

    JDMmark Fresh Recruit

    Who you insured with for that much? That's cheap!
  2. ibz

    ibz Registered User +

    just got insured with endsleigh.
    im 21 with 2 years NCB and it cost £760 fully comp
  3. niml

    niml Fresh Recruit

    I'm with Performance Direct
    limited to 10k mileage
    paying £860
    fully comp
    5 years NCB
    protected no claims
    declared mods

    Renewal is coming up in 2 months time, any recommendations from anyone? I just got a quote on confused.com and Endsleigh as per above for £550.
  4. excelins

    excelins Fresh Recruit

    Excel Insurance

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  5. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    Try Sky Insurance - so far gave me the best deal and very good customer service!

    Ep91 at 1bar - soon -)
    4 years NCD
    Almost 28
    Fully comp with all the APR and bits and pieces £866.00 - the cheapest I could find!
  6. si2001

    si2001 Paid Member

    Sky Insurance found the best deal for me
    EP82 non standard alloys
    7 years NCB
    Protected no claims
    31 years old
    Fully comp £430.00

    However after I signed up A Plan phoned me and said they would of done it for 410 payable over 3 months after a deposit. Doh! Oh well something to remember for next time.
  7. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    Sky insurance for me, just renewed
    23 years of age
    3years ncb
    fully comp
    all mods declared

    very impressed :)
  8. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    just renewed my runabout GT and 4wd turbo starlet.

    £280 tpft all mods declared on the GT. 7 years ncb

    £440 tpft turbo conversion and other mods declared on the 4wd turbo. 1 years ncb

    im 26 with no convictions or anything ;)

    this was with adrian flux.
  9. Stulet-GTT

    Stulet-GTT Paid Member

    I know its not a GT but i just insured my mercedes vito 2.2 swb van for £440 Fully comp NO ncb thats with points to..
    But then it did help that i already have my GT insured with them...:haha:
  10. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    that's a good deal mate! I'm impressed!
  11. *Zoe*

    *Zoe* Paid Member

    thats good with mods declared

    Elephant is mine just renewed:
    liceness 4 1/2 years with no points or covictions
    3yrs ncb

    i wanted to check with sky but could never get through but i dont think i have a bad deal its £150 down from last year
  12. prtnx

    prtnx Fresh Recruit

    Geico saved me a ton!! I was paying Progressive $320 a month for 2 cars, better coverage from Geico is $195.
    One Day Car Insurance
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  13. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    That's cheap, I'm 28 with 4 years no claims and pay more than you with the Sky!!! But I have a Glanza, probably they cost more to insure, not sure though.

    You didnt have to call sky you could just PM them on the forum. Very good customer service!
  14. markostarletturbo

    markostarletturbo Paid Member

  15. turboJohn

    turboJohn Fresh Recruit

    I am a firm believer in shopping around for the best car insurance on the web! Or try price comparison sites too like moneysupermarket.com as its much quicker to compare, as I found ringing people up for quotes costly and took a long time. Another site to try if you are after some servicing for your car is a site like this one or car valet official service! I just can never be bothered to clean it up properly!
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  16. bartrumboi

    bartrumboi Fresh Recruit

  17. GTwayne

    GTwayne Paid Member

  18. TomTurbo

    TomTurbo Registered User +

    19 yr old male
    1 yrs ncb
    exhaust system-suspension
    4k a year
    £850 fc with admiralllll
  19. ped87

    ped87 Paid Member

    Im 24 be 25 end of febuary trying to insure a Glanza
    4 years NCB
    12,000 miles a year
    alloy wheels as mod
    cat 1 alarm immobiliser
    Adrian Flux want £1500!!!!
  20. I'm with a company through right choice insurance brokers and they're charging me 2000 for a 1.0 litre micra!!! Hahahaha what a joke. When I insured my 1992 starlet GT turbo and declared all the mods... (Not many and mostly standard bhp!!!) They wanted 2300 and noone else on comparison sites would touch me... I think I'm gonna check, bell, flux and sky when I renew
    I'm 20,
    2 years no claims (hopefully will be 3 years when I renew)
    And been driving for 3 years this november.
    Clean liscence.
    Anyone reccomend anyother companies?
    Thanks tom.

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