Who insures you?

Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by Jay, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    oh... that will be why lol. :cool:
  2. vtecpete

    vtecpete Registered User +

    im with quinn, 23, 2 yrs ncb, no points and a 30k claim 2 yrs ago paying 1000 tpft
  3. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    i used comparethemarket.com, im 21 i have 3 points sp30, 3 years no claims an i pay £502 , no added drivers just me. and the best price i got back was that an it was with asda. i do remomend its got great perks, breakdown cover, windscreen cover, uninsured driver cover, plus £100,000 legal expense cover.
  4. 1nsan3

    1nsan3 Registered User +

    What really takes the pee is that I only pay 350 quid fully comp on my Volvo 850 R (last dyno it was making 306bhp) and that's definitely quicker from 50 mph upwards
  5. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Registered User +

    Mods covered? Be very careful when insuring a specialist car with a standard vehicle insurer.
  6. *starlet_babe*

    *starlet_babe* Registered User +

    Agree wit Ollie, check the paperwork carefully hun, I was with diamond for the first 3 years of having my car as she was still standard apart from wheels but as I've added bits I could declare them but they weren't covered on the actual policy :D So its worth checking :D
  7. Slinn

    Slinn Paid Member

    Just got the starlet back on the road from beign banned.....ouch
    £1605.47 with Egg.com
    I'm 20 years old
    0 Years NCB, 0 Points, 0 Claims, 1 Ban
    Exhaust, Air Filter and Wheels declared
    Mum as a named Driver
  8. whiteglanzav

    whiteglanzav Paid Member

    n e 1 know a company that will do a good deal on a v for a 19 year old with mods ?:)
  9. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    Are you ready to be bent over & shafted? :haha:

    ive juts been ringing up alot of places & gettting prices around £700 - £800 with mods & i have 5 years no claims & im 23 with a GT!!

    Try Adrian Flux & Sky mate, they were two of the cheaper ones :)
  10. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Registered User +

    If you have a full 2 years driving experience then feel free to drop me a PM with your name and phone number for a call back?

    Sky Insurance
  11. Sassu

    Sassu Registered User +

    :lol: sorry.

    Im with adrian flux...
    im 20...
    1 year claim
    3 points for speeding...
    all modds added (200bhp spec)


  12. turbochris

    turbochris Fresh Recruit

    New to the forum, just bought my starlet gt turbo. Me and my brother have gone halves on the car and the insurance and were both insured on the policy. Used Swinton insurances import section. £1200 for the year third party f&f. Were both 20 (being twins), iv got 1 years ncb and he has 3. We were preety happy with the quote as no one else quoted us anything near to that.
  13. TomS

    TomS Registered User +

    Age 21
    Ncb 3 years
    Full licence held for less than one year
    Price €576
    Quinn direct

    Age 22
    Ncb 4 years
    Full licence
    Price €821
    Quinn direct

    The second best quote i could get was from a company called "pay less direct" €2700
  14. Misterdan88

    Misterdan88 Registered User +

    Im sure i live in 1 of the worst places in england lol, im 21 with 2ncb and ive been quoted GBP 1107 by quinn with all mods to declare and 1090 with adrian flux with all mods, but every1 in with the same situation as me seem to be getting lower quotes!! :mad:

    Im going to try Sky this afternoon but if they cant even get it down i dont know who else to try, any ideas?

    EP91 btw :D

    *got flux down to GBP 980... will have to do! :D
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  15. binnzie

    binnzie Registered User +


    18, 1yr ncb

    1994 gt turbo, £1595 fully comp, £350 excess
  16. Nailz@Glanza

    Nailz@Glanza Fresh Recruit

    I don't know who to go with. When i search online quinn quotes me £2.3k tpft for a glanza v.

    Age 21
    0 years NCB
    Full licence - Held nearly for a year
    Price £2300
    Quinn direct

    Dunno who to turn to really... any ideas? :confused:
  17. EP824U

    EP824U Paid Member

    sky? adrian flux? its gunna be high as you dnt have a ncb which makes all the difference
  18. GT_Irl

    GT_Irl Paid Member

    jesus...how come your cost went up? Im 21 with 1 full years no claims and 3 named (applied as full in my policy for some reason:)) and mine is 650 euro with axa
  19. sheri

    sheri Paid Member

    Adrian Flux insures my EP85 for £200ish a year

    Fully comp
    5years NCB
    limited mileage to 4k

    No mods yet.....
  20. MATTYBYRNEgt2008

    MATTYBYRNEgt2008 Registered User +

    im 18 1 yr ncb full licence over a year 1700 euro on my ep82

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