Who's got the most power...?

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Bullet00th, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. -Harry-

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    This was the type of crap I was talking about...
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  2. Mike@TD.co.uk

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    Was he from Warrington? Black AE92? seen it on TOC if its the same car, looked a beast :D
  3. sx_turbo

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    harry, dantheman, has a 300hp starlet, and has handling mods aswell, so i dont think he is talking poop at all.

    in hyper revs magazine, there was some 400hp starlets, and some between 300 and 350, these ones were for drag use only, and they didnt use the 4e, they used the 5e to get this power.

    the starlets that they used for tracks, all had between 190-250ish.

    as the magazine is all in japanese its hard to make it out, but you can get little bits out of it, as the main bits are in english.

    anyway back on topic, as has been mentioned there is already a power board
  4. Elaine

    Elaine Paid Member

    LMFAO boys really who cares who has the higher BHP reading??

    Surely it all comes down to how you use the car???

    I have always thought that running huge power though such a little car is a bit of madness but having seen it what Sliversurfers old starlet can do I can see the appeal of pushing for more.

    His car was extremely useable on both the road and track so I don’t see why people are saying that running 300bhp is silly. As long as the car is set up for it then what’s the problem!!

    I am sure that as this year goes on and definitely coming up next year we will start to see a lot more bigger power starlets and fair play to the people that have them.

    I wish I had the time, money and knowledge to be able to have a high power starbo but I don’t ever see it happening.. So I will make do with what I have and hopefully someone like Gee or Sliver Surfer will take me for a spin in there’s
  5. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    it's an ego thing, like who's got the biggest penis. i always lose that one to :( dam chipolatta's
  6. Elaine

    Elaine Paid Member

    HAHAHA Well thats just silly!!

    Its not how big its what you do with it, so I am told (Looking all innocent)
  7. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    ha ha ha no comment
  8. Adam_Glanza

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    im sue your shagging in the fields every weekend!!

    ( no offense ment im not calling u a slut haha )
  9. 59bhp

    59bhp Paid Member

    i dunno i think its pretty interesting to see whos got the most powerfull starlet,
  10. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    on topic please guys
  11. dantheman

    dantheman Paid Member

    yep was my daily runner aswell :p done me proud. but yeah too many people go on about bhp when torque is just as important if not more, but like i say why have so much power in a fwd car that weighs less than a box of matches?? even with a decent lsd your still ganna be spinning up, mine doesnt get traction at all in 1st or 2nd, 3rd spins for abit but then grips and goes. when the car was 210bhp it was alot more usable power. it still brings a smile to my face when i drive the old girl though, really is a fun car to drive :)
  12. -Harry-

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    He said, you couldnt use anymore power than that which is poop. ;) Especially on the street. Street is actually easier to get traction on rather than a circuit over here.

    Seeing as though most of you guys are from england or surrounds and every car video ive seen in the area, its been raining, he may have a point.
  13. Dan3SGTE

    Dan3SGTE Paid Member

    i can safely say i dont really have a problem using the power i have on the road.....
  14. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Personally the throttle goes both ways.
    I dont see why people would have there foot to the floor all the time, on the open road?

    For me, Track = Burried, Street = Somewhere in between.
  15. faisalgtturbo

    faisalgtturbo Paid Member

    yep that was the one

    i know it sorn'd at the moment
    i will trying hard in summer to locate it

  16. gedis

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    i wonder who has most power on standart engine(rods pistons head gasket etc.) as for traction i run 246 bhp and it only spins out in 1 small bit(on 215/45/15 toyo t1r in dry) fuck all wheel spin in 235/50/15 R888's semi slicks also with shit load suspension mods
  17. oobuz

    oobuz Fresh Recruit

    My starlet has the highest HP posted so far, here is my dyno sheet, i drive it to work every day, it runs 15psi on low boost and 40psi on high, i have never taken it to the drags as im worried the stock box wont hold, i comes on boost at 3000rmp and revs to 9000 rpm,

  18. Dan3SGTE

    Dan3SGTE Paid Member

    with a figure like that mate your going to need to post every tiny little bit of detail/spec of your engine etc as anyone can just post up a graph saying 457BHP....

    Put your spec up and all will be good, until then i deem this as void.


    PS.... Also why does it say BONE STOCK on your graph?? the power curve looks way too smooth and gradual for a little starlet using that size turbo to produce that sort of power etc...... and would also like to see the revs on the graph at the bottom.....

  19. Kelly

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    this brownsters old car in aus? isnt it a 5e?

    lol at 'i deem this as void' :p
  20. Mike@TD.co.uk

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    lmao that aint a Starlet surely :p its some bigass American pickup or somethin with a graph like that!

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