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    5efhe NOS capability,

    thanks a lot for the pics. so how does it perform with the supercharger before the throttle body. as opposed to a sucking through the throttle body? i was thinking of doing mine like this:
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    5efhe NOS capability,

    want to see some pics of how you did the supercharger as i'm doing one as well
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    honda ECU on starlet??
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    honda ECU on starlet??

    it takes some amount of work though as you have to wire the car with the honda wireloom. machine the honda distributor shaft to fit with the toyota engine as well so you need all the associated honda wiring and distributor with the ecu which has to be modded "chipped" for programming
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    honda ECU on starlet??

    Thats a 4AFE in the vid. this mod is being done in Jamaica on all sorts of cars. its considered a 'cheap' full standalone ecu option lots of 4efte, 4age and others fitted with honda distributor wireloom and ecu flashed with chrome or some other program.
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    TD04l From WRX 08

    then how do you know its the turbo smoking? could be valve seals.....
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    Actuator difference?

    you also got the bracket with the new actuator right? we'll just need to mod the flap to fit the actuator
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    Actuator difference?

    the actuator you bought seems to be for the ct9a the connections for the wastegate flap is different easy fix to get it to work on the ct9b though
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    error 51

    had the same code on a friends car and it was a faulty TPS that caused it
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    4E-FTE & Sequential Fuel Injection these already have the conectors attached all you need to do is solder on the ecu sockets on the other end
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    4E-FTE & Sequential Fuel Injection

    both cam and crank sensors are located in the distributor. going COP or WASTE SPARK (Coil packs) you get rid of the dizzy cap sequential injection wont be no great power benefit its more for economy and drivability
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    4E-FTE & Sequential Fuel Injection

    you wont need number 2 on you list it comes in the kit. you could also get a short harness from here: which could be used to make the jumper
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    some input on this aftermarket intake

    the auto TPS should work on this
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    changing manual tps to an auto tps

    the whole throttle body would need changing as the auto tps wont fit the manual throttle body. wiring the auto tps into the manual loom is not too hard though. just one extra wire needed
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    if your good with wires please help here...,

    i would think that if you have been trying to start the car for a while and you are getting fuel in the line then the plugs should be wet and smell of petrol.... i cant see no reason for it to not start when you have spark and fuel..... remove the fuel line from the fuel rail and put the hose...